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Garrett Hedlund is The One To Watch from 4 Brothers

Posted by Fara Kearnes on August 12, 2005 5:56 PM |

Garrett Hedlund picHe's six-three, blond and blue-eyed, and he has only been in three films, but 20-year-old newcomer Garrett Hedlund is one good reason to go see "Four Brothers" this weekend. The film is intense, heartfelt and occasionally hilarious, and stars Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, and Andre Benjamin, aka Andre 3000 of Outkast.

Wahlberg plays the lead as hot-headed Bobby Mercer, one of four grown adopted brothers, two black and two white, from the mean streets of Detroit who return home after their foster mother is killed in a convenience store robbery. The brothers learn that there's more to the story as conspiracies are revealed and they vow to avenge their mother's murder. They go up against a baddie, and things get harrowing at times with a wild ride of adrenaline and a handful of Kleenex moments. And a lot of great music on the soundtrack.
, Three of the actors have music backgrounds, but it's Hedlund who's cast as the artistic youngest brother. Hedlund defended his talents in an interview with 365gay.com, "I did do a lot of trombone playing in school, choir in church and karaoke for fun. So I am not incompetent when it comes to music."

His character, Jack, may or may not be gay, but he is picked on by his brothers nonetheless: "I might have been teased about being gay. But you really donít know if my character is gay or straight or asexual. He doesnít have a boyfriend, nor a girlfriend, and talks about neither sex. He is more of a loner, happy to be with his guitar, alone in his room. But, nonetheless, I think he is the strongest of all the brothers. He might be teased a lot but he gets the job done, whatever the job may be."

Garrett was recently in "Friday Night Lights" with Billy Bob Thornton and he scored his first ever movie role in the colossal epic "Troy" playing Brad Pitt's cousin, Patroclus. Judging by these first three films, I'd say his career is off to a fabulous start and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Three of the actors have music backgrounds, but it's Hedlund who's cast as the artistic youngest brother. Hedlund defended his talents in an interview with 365gay.com, "I did do a lot of trombone playing in school, choir in church and karaoke for fun. So I am not incompetent when it comes to music."

His character, Jack, may or may not be gay, but he is picked on by his brothers nonetheless: "I might have been teased about being gay. But you really donít know if my character is gay or straight or asexual. He doesnít have a boyfriend, nor a girlfriend, and talks about neither sex. He is more of a loner, happy to be with his guitar, alone in his room. But, nonetheless, I think he is the strongest of all the brothers. He might be teased a lot but he gets the job done, whatever the job may be."

Garrett was recently in "Friday Night Lights" with Billy Bob Thornton and he scored his first ever movie role in the colossal epic "Troy" playing Brad Pitt's cousin, Patroclus. Judging by these first three films, I'd say his career is off to a fabulous start and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.


Garrett you're so talented and gorgeous! I love your acting! I wish that there were more guys like you in the world! skilled, hot, smart!
love ya

GARRETT i love u sooo much i love your acting and you are the most gorgous person i have ever seen in my life. i loved you in 4 brothers you looked awsum and i like the rocker look for you. you should be in more movie i would DEFFINETLY watch them I LOVE YOU

You di well in Four Brothers, keep up the good work. i wonder what he's planning on doing next?

Garrett, u are sooo awesome I love ur acting u are THE hottest man alive, I think u should keep the rocker look its a good look for you! Anyways keep it up and please be alot more movies!

Hey Garrett! I love your acting! You are amazing, your gorgeous, and your smart. Your really great. Can't wait for your next movie! And i like the black hair. It's looks a little red, but it's totally hott.

Big Fan,

Wow, GARRETT you ar sooo GORGEOUS, and you are the best actor i ever seen. I love watching your movies. the first time i seen you i called all my friends and my best cousin. i cannot wait for your next movies to come out. and it's a good thing i can see R rated movies now. i LOVE YOU SO MUCH.





I loved you in Friday Night Lights. You played a great role as a young teen carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, not only by bringing home the State championship, but also by having an abusive father (played very well by Tim McGraw). I look forward to seeing you in many more films, Four Brothers was great!
I'm 35 yrs old, and I think you are one of the hottest stars up and coming. You're gorgeous!


Omg You're so amazing. All my friends and I are in love with you. You're so gorgeous and adorable. I love your hair and everything about you in Four Brothers. You were so amazing. And you still are. I really want to me you. Love you soo much
Jenny and Mackenzie

I love you so very,very,very much that it hurts.
You are so very cute.
I`m 18 years older than you are, but will you marry me???
I will make you so very happy.
I do everything for you.
You are the love of my live.

Garrett Hedlund your acting is great even if u are a new actor.
u amazed me in Troy movie.
your first rule was historic and it is not easy.
keep on...

did excellant in 4 brothers....love the actin, keep up the good work. u guys in that movie were amazing.

Hey omg I just wanted to say that Jack Mercer I can't belive they made u die in the movie too i was crying soo much when I first saw it I watched it again because I luv it I think that u are the most talented celeb I have ever seen and saying good luck with the rest of ur life ur fan

Garrett, I loved you in Four Brothers. You may have just started out but you are really talented. Your performance in Friday Night Lights was spectacular. I really look forward to seeing you in many more movies. Good luck with your career(not that you need it).
Your #1 fan!
Nadia ;)

Garrett Hedlund is my favorite i absolutel love him hes so cute and such a great actor he definately is one of a kind andd his best movie was four brothers!!! Garrett Hedlund is Amazing!!!!

I don't kno what to say but AMAZING and ur four brother's movie i give it basically a 100/100 soo keep it up and plzzz i mean keep it up keep ur movies going cause no matter what ur good in it that's all later dayz and don't ever forget ur number #1 fan

Hey Garrett...First off your hot! Anyways I think I first saw you in Friday Night Lights, I thought you played your role fantastic, then I just saw Four Brothers and that was great. Thats when I found out you are the same age as me... I wish I was a movie star so we could get together sometime! I love that rocker look, don't lose it.

Garrett, you did a beautiful job in "Four Brothers." I truly hope that this is the beginning of a great career for you. You not only are a gorgous young man,but you've got the chops to back the hotness! Rock on!


Your role in Four Brothers as Jack Mercer was maybe the best casting choice ever made. You, because of that performance along with others, have left many people, including me, in love with you and your devastatingly handsome look along with your mindblowing skill as an actor. Ever since I saw Four Brothers, you have not left my mind and have created the need for me to follow your career. Wow, I just read over what I wrote, and it seriously sounds like I'm trying way too hard to make an impression when you're probably never gonna read this. Oh, well, a girl can dream, can't she. Plus, I'm a little young for you. Seven years, ten months too young, actually. But some day our ages might not seem so far apart. Maybe it will. But it's your hope, and faith, whatever it may be, that keeps you going, right? Just don't forget that. And don't sell yourself out to the fame. Too many people look up to you. Wow, now I sound all wise and stuff. Cool. P.S. You're hot. LoL. Luv ya,

Garrette, you as Jack Mercer was so hot, i cant get you off my mind, you are just so gorgeous!!! i love the rocker look!! damn i wish i could meet you, bc you are so hot!

you are a great actor!!! i love you and i wish that i can meet you!!! becuz you are so0o0o sexy!



omg garrett!!!! you are the hottest thing i hav ever seen! i luv you in friday night lights and four brothers! four brothers was my favorite! i was in complete shock wen you died in it! omg i just luv you and every thing about you. snd i no how you felt wen there was nothing to do wen u lived on the farm in minnesota! cuz i live in a small town of like 2,600 people! i live in the suberbs but all of my neighbors kids are way younger than me so im bored most of the time. its to bad that we are so far apart in age (6 years and 9 monthes)!

i luv u so much and i hope to meet u some day!

-ur biggest fan krista

Hi garrett I dont think you know me that well but I know you I singed youre book on you web sit.I bet you hear this a lot but you are so f***ing hot.WELL its so true. I saw all of the moives you where in and I have to say that four brothers was the best I CRYED so much when you died but I know that it was just a moive. Ok well You wont belive this but I know you I have some people that are close to you I would say that I am the most luck girl in the world. Garrett I think that you have something good going for you.I JUST CANT STOP TALKING A ABOUT YOU!!!!. You are just that good looking I cant what untill you come out in a nother moive I will be whating ooh by the way I have blond hair and blue eyes to and I am 19years old ooh HAPPY BARITHDAY GARRETT. May be I wll see you around some time in the future. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!SO MUCH GARRETT. PS@ YOU AND ME ARE CLOSER THEN YOU THINK!

Hey Garrett,

Ummmm...I haven't written to a celebratiy ever. Your my first one. I thought your character in "four brothers" was so awesome! I cried when you died in the movie.It was so sad.I know you hear how sexy and gorgous you are...it's true..you are a hottie.I pray ever night that we cna meet.Your only five years older then me...wow!
There's nothing else I can say.Oh yeah...we just might meet. My dad is an actor and he's getting me and my brother into commercials. I might be an actress. Hope to see you soon

With Love from:

hi garrett my name is gianna and im pretty much your biggest fan. i love you soo much your soooo handsome and talented! my faveorite movie of all time is four brothers and i thought u were amazing in that movie!! i sobbed soo hard wen you diedd even tho i kno its just a movie and ur pretty much alivee:)
i cant wait to see your new movie comin out im sooo exited im goin to be the first person in line to get ticketss!!!
love you tonsss xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
your biggest fan
p.s at my sckool theres this construction worker on the building and its soo scary how much he looks like you the first time i saw him i actually thought it was you but then i realized that it wasent because your a actor and actors dont make buildings:)

I love you Garrett!!! Yeah!!! You are so gorgeous and talented and hot! I luv you!!!

all i have to say is that garrett hedlund is a very talented actor...and is also a hottie haha which doesnt hurt...hmm im a dancer and thinking of becoming a model so maybe, hopefully we will meet someday=) keep up the good work...you were amazing in four brothers and friday night lights, which are the only movies of yours i have seen!


I just want to say that you are really an amazingly talented and smart actor.
I think that we all felt your presence on screen when you played Jack Mercer in Four Brothers...The fact that you can make some people(me)cry in the movie by your face expressions is what makes you so Great...
Your outstanding performance in FNL will never be forgotten either...
I just hope you don't get sucked in the hollywood lifestyle because you are truly Unique.
I hope everything goes well with you,you deserve it...You're one of kind!
Good luck and keep up the GREAT WORK!
Ps:Can't wait till Eragon comes out!

Garrett Hedlund you are the love of my life!!! Phwoar I wish we had more guys like you here in oz I'd be in heaven!! You are one hunk-a-spunk!
Friday Night Lights is one of my all time favourite movies!! I bought it on dvd THAT'S how much i love it!! That's right!!! You better believe it!!!
Four Brothers hasn't come out here yet ... not for another month but I'm totally amped for it! The day it comes out at the cinema's I'll be there with bells on!
Tata my darling
PS. The mullet thingy in Friday Night Lights is tha bomb!! But you could be bald, id still do you!

Garrett your work is amazing and you sure do know how to act.You desevre an award for your work as an actor and you have got off to good start in acting career!!!which i give you lotsand lots of credit for.You have got everything an actor should have eg,skills,personalitiy and the looks and if there is any who deserves an award IT'S YOU!!!I hope u get an award!!! everyone of your fans would back me up!!! i hope to meet you some day,then that would make my day!!!!you should be so proud of yourslf because i know i am,your my favorite actor of all time and most fitest and most hottest actor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GARRET...you are soooo gorgeous...are you taken??coz i'd love to take you =D lol anyway...FOUR BROTHERS ROCKED..i loved it and especially since you had that punk look to you =] you seriousli rocked!!!!!!!!

I've never written to any celeb. before so sorry, but I REALLY REALLY think your cute and I want to meet you in person. I guess it's okay if you dont ever say anything back, I just wanted something exciting to happen in my life. YOU ARE THE SEXIEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVED YOU IN FOUR BROTHERS. I wish you didn't die. I loved almost every sceen of you in that movie. I only hated where you died. Garrett, I love you. You are posted every where in my room!
Love alexis
please e mail me.

Hi, it's me again. Garrett I foregot to ask you if you can mail me a poster or two of you?????
Love Alexis xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hey Garrett! I love you so much in "Four Bothers" you look so hot! Anyways I was wondering if you have a girlfriend. Because if you don't I am going to be SURPRISED. You are so hot and I want to marry you! Well this is my very first time to write to a celb. That's all I have to say!
Love Katie,
please e-mail me!

Hey Alexis!
If everyone is wondering why I am say "Hey Alexis" it is because I know her. Anyways, Garrett please please please send me a HOT picture to me on the e-mail! I love you so much.
Love Katie,

Garrett I also foregot to ask if you could get me to a demo studio please????????? I can make it in that business. I even write my own songs, I swear.
Please help me?
Love Alexis

hey garrett I loved all ur movies but mostly four brothers I want to become an acterss but not just because ur an actor just because I love to act but I love yuor character in four brothers its really funny bye bye email me at oreooverload01@yahoo.com nikole

Hi Katie!
Katie email me. Oh! Hi Garrett I was wondering if you could send me a pic of you without a shirt? If it is okay with you I mean.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie e-mail me at Alexadaphines@aol.com!!!
OMG!!! No body writes us back do they Garrett?
sorry, i really want an answer. my mom says im even more hitheaded than Bobby in four brothers.

I meant hotheaded. sorry

Garrett will you f**k me? just playin. give me your f***ing email address!!!

OMG Alexis you need to clam down.

Garrett, Crystal thinks you rock. anyway she is crazy dont trust her but WE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Crytal he would never f*** you!

I am bored.

Garrett my sister said that you are so tall compared to us that you would have to bend over to kiss me.LoL

Me too Katie So lets talk about Garrett


Katie say smething!!!! what is wrong with you? just kiddig

Man I am f***ing bored Say something about Garrettt!!!


Good for you.
I love Garrett more than you.
Oh yeah I think Charlie can come over today because my sister begged my mom and I don't want to to help her clean because she didn't help me clean when you were coming over.

what is up?? I am garrett lover #1!!

I hate it when my stupid ass sister does this.

I know that is f***ing wrong. but she would have to ask mom.

really me too!!!LoL

Accually Alexis you are Garrett lover #2 I am Garrett lover #1!!
I am bored,
What are you up to?

Hey so I've used up alot of my time dont that suck? I wanna stay on more esa

I think she is high.

Hey so I've used up alot of my time dont that suck? I wanna stay on more esa

what the f**k?!?! Man my comp. is acting weird.

Anyway lets talk about Garrett Hedlund!!! I am insaine about him!!!!
You know thats all I can talk about?!?!

HE IS THE HOTTEST THING ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey email me on your AIM net name K?

H**L YEAH!!!11

Garrett finally we have some quiet time. I Love you. man probabally not many girls say this but Damn you have a nice ASS!!!!!!!!!

Alexis IM me on AIM gotnet45

Katie I only have 26 or so more minutes to stay online hurry the f**k up!

You IM me bitch.

My name is blocked from using that. Sorry I cant IM you. I'll ask my mom if she will let me. Okay?

will you stop I am trying to email my mom

Okay bye.

now all we have to do is wait for it.

I am going call me

Hey Im back on dont leave me here by my self!

Bye all!!!!!!!!!


Get off and call me.

fine leave bitch i am still gonna get an answer from my mom



Okay I will stay you smart ass.

im younger than you which sucks but some day ill be in show bizz with you. if we dont meet than i hope the best for you and pray that another guy like you comes along.
stay confedent in everything.

hey Garrett, i dont think that we will ever get back a reply from this website. if we do please write me back. I am sick and tired of having to wait for a reply which my sister says that you dont even read our "whatevers" to you. Man does that piss me off. Because you know a lot of girls love you very much. I love you very much, and yet half of us will either foreget about you or become famous and meet you. So why the f**k dont you reply?????????????????????????


Hi! I love yu Garrett. I wish that i could one day meet you. sorry 'bout the harsh things i said the other day. it's that i want a reply.
I loved you in four brothers thats my favorite movie. still haven't seen friday night lights.
i just wanna reply.
love the #1 bigest loser fan

P.S. just wondering, what size shoe do you where?

Hey Garrett
I just wanted to say you are a really great actor you have a real talent. I like all three of your movies but I like Four Brothers best. I really like the rocker look for you but i think you look so good and look you choose will look hott. Ive never really been like this over an actor so you should feel special. I would do or give anything in the world to meet you. i also want an acting career when i get older. Well i just wanted to let you know that your a great actor and maybe ill see you some day if i become an actor well g2g ttyl
Much love alwayz

Hey Garrette
P.S I just wanted to tell you what i look like i have Long blonde hair and blue eyes im about 5"4 . Im not really sure you even read or reply to all the messages you get but if you do pleze reply to me
Love frum me alwayz
My e-mail address is Babychika1220@aol.com
^ (im white)

Hi Garrett! I really want to see you in person. You are the sexiest thing alive. I used to love one then get over it in a few days, but not with you. I love you SO SO SO very much. I wish that I could send you a pic. of me. I am young like 13 young but still I want to send you a picture of me.

When I say 13 years young that is how old I am. I wish that I was 17 then I would have a car and a job. I would meet you one day.

Hey Garrett
Hey Im 13 yrs old 2 i might not have a job but i do have a car a 2000 chev. corvette.I wish i could drive to cali. and see you i only have three more yrs. so you can count on seeing me.
Love you alwayz

Hey Garrett,
I just wanted to ask you if you think age matters i seriously don think it matters ui don give a fuck well g2g love you alwayz

Hi! Garrett, me and Katie are making demo CD. We hope that it gets us in to the music business. If so the first thing that is gonna happen is we are gonna get your autograph! WE LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!
Love your #1 loser fan
from the A and N girls

i meant the
#1 biggest loser fan

Hey Garrett,
I just wanted to ask you if you think age matters i seriously don think it matters ui don give a fuck well g2g love you alwayz

You have to be 18 year old befor you can date him cause you and him are 8 years apart....

Savanna you are right only 3 more years before we can both meet Garrett. actually for me 2 years 6months 20 days. This fucking rocks I love him so god damn much! Why does he have to be god damn Sexy?!?!?!?!?!

Hey Garrett
Hey Im 13 yrs old 2 i might not have a job but i do have a car a 2000 chev. corvette.I wish i could drive to cali. and see you i only have three more yrs. so you can count on seeing me.
Love you alwayz

You say you are 13 but you sure don't spell like it....

Hey Im 13 yrs old 2 i might not have a job but i do have a car a 2000 chev. corvette

You don't have to brag about your DUMB car..... Alright.

Because he just is...
And he will always be!!


Call my cell..
I am going..
Cause you are not ansering..

excuse me hun atleast i have a car

I don care if i have to b 18 to date him no one would have to know

God damn Katie! What the hell?? Yesterday I couldn't get on because of the football game! Anyway sorry Garrett I wasn't here yesterday. My mom has been going crazy about the Rose Bowl. I was just happy my team won yesterday! I couldn't get on Katie because I didn't get home until 6:58. I just wish I fucking knew more about Garrett and his Fine white ass! He is just the most sexiest thing on Earth. You know I have the biggest crush in the world on him. To bad I am dating someone. But I aint gonna give the more realistic thing for a dream. Garrett no offence, I DO love you though. I just have some problems that you wouldn't like in a girl.

Love always
your #1 biggest loser fan

You go Savanna! Hey Will you email me or do you think that I am a freak? Katie no offence just having a bitch ass fucking beat the shit out of anyone and everyone day.

Hey Garrett! Guess what, I might just of got a reply from a music producer!!!! Aint that exciting? Katie I will call you okay. Wish me luck Garrett. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Garrett I was looking up pics of you on the internet and one of my posts were under the "Garrett Hedlund is the one to watch from 4 brothers" Man that is fucking messed up!!!!!!

Hey Garrett what is up?? Me not much just sittin' thinking of you. If I get a boyfriend will you be mad at me? I just wanted to let you know that I love you so so so much. You probabaly already know. I just am sorry for being such a pest. I just want you to know that even me and my boyfriend will have sex that I still love you. I know what you are thinking. That I being 13 is a little young for that kind of stuff and with a 15 year old. He just told me that it was love at first sight for him. I had to be his friend to love him. By the way thoughs problems I told you about they arn't even that bad.

Hey garrett
sry i havent written in a cupple days love you bye


dear garrett hedlund'
my sister loves u and she really wantes to meet u so if u can visit her for me.karney has a.d.d
look at canada 411 and search karney ...... thank u garrett she loves u very very much

Omg...Garrett Hedlund!

I absolutely love your movie Four Brothers. I love your acting skills in that movie. I thought it sucked that you had to be the one killed but your a hero.

I cant wait for any other movies of yours to get out.

All of my friends want that movie Four Brothers but I was the first to see it...haha

Myspace ---->


I feel weird writing to you because you being an actor you prolly have no time wat so ever to even look on this website...i dont even think you know this website but i guess its ok for girls like me ..and those crazy girls who have good ideas about cars and junk to dream ur reading this. If you do read this ....im amazed i didnt want to sound like a freaky fan girl but id like to eet you even if its for a two second autograph signing. my mother tells me im crazy to even believe an ounce that youd actually see this but i can still dream. id just like to say ur acting is awesome. the scarred at a young age role is perfect for you er im mean you play it perfectly i love ur dinner scene...and the bathroom scene sry ne ways my real name is megan and if by any random force you see this then email me its shud show my email....bye

wow i meant meet you id really like to meet you...that other thing just sounded ..weird sry bye

Hi Garrett It is me again. And I am breaking up w/ my boyfriend. It is just TOO weird to have a friend and then date them after knowing him for 2 school years. I was also wondering if you have talked to Mark(Mark Walburg)Sorry if I spelled his named wrong. I know that most of the time you wont look at these fan mails but please do! You know how much I love you. Oh yeah I almost got a singing career but might and mostlikely will blow it. I luv you so much.
Love your #1 biggest loser fan
Alexis the soon 2 B singer!

Hi Garrett, I guess no one has been here since I was last here. That is strange. Look I might not be a singer. Probabaly because I dont have the equip. stuff ya know? I created a page on my comp. called Garrett Hedlund Obssesion page #2 and I don't care today if I spelled it wrong but it is being sent to the internet which is cool I guess. I just checked and it wasn't sent. So I guess you wont be able to see it a real pity right? Not. C U later Garrett.
Alexis #1 biggest LOSER CHICKENSHIT fan
yes that is from me bye.

Hi! Hey I am here at school with my friends in the most dangerous class ever! It is so boring in here when we dont get to talk & we have to do a project. My friend Lela is right next to me and is finally getting to see my obssesion over you. I really dont care if I even spelled that word wrong. She wants to know how old you are and I want to still meet you. OMG! You are so sexy. Why cant you be in Texas and maybe live in Milam county.

Hey Garrett! what is up? me not much just sitten here chillen. I am in school writing to you again sorry. I just haven't writen in a long time and missed your'e email. So I was kinda thinking that you had forgot about me. Savanna you can write to Garrett if you want to but you can not have my man. I love you so very much. Later.

I meant to add Love your #1 Biggest loser fan
Alexis Future singer! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

where do i start
-omg ur soo damnn hott. some ppl tease me for liking u but i got no problem.i think im ur number one biggest fan. i've been in all of ur sites and wrote things.one thing dat sort of pisses me off is dat i dunno if u will read it or not.I HOPE U DO!!!I LUV U AND I HOPE U LOVE ME!!!i was crying when u dies in four brothers even though it wasnt real!!!i love u sooo much!!!i cried like 5 nights in a row!!!!!i rlly want ur email and i wish u had msn!!!THANK YOU FOR ACTING!!I LOVE U!!!IL BE FIRST IN LINE TO WATCH UR NEW MOVIE.I HOPE ILL GET TO MEET U IN DA OSCARS ONE DAY!!IIGHT PECAE BOO

Illiana, You need G.H.O. Garrett Hedlund Online. You get to see his next movie. Eargon! By the way Garrett You are totally SEXY! Still waiting 4 that
email! Love Alexis I love you!!!!!

you people are funny. are you really that obsessed with garrett hedlund? i mean he is hott and everything, but he is just a guy. its not like he is a god or anything. you say you love him but most of you have probably never met him. how can you love someone you've never met? are you just bored?

Hey Ali Garrett is a god!(well atleast in my book.) He is a famous sexy guy. That is true that most of us have never met him but he is one person that we love! (sigh) We love him because we look him up and find out all kind of things about him. Like he has an older sister and brother. His brothers name is Nathaniel. His sisters name is Amanda. His parents name is Katie and Robert. He had a secret acting class. He wanted to be an actor for a while. He played in the movie "Friday Night Lights" and "Troy" and "Four Brothers". He is playing in the movie that is being recorded now called "Eargon". I know a lot of stuff about Garrett, I do my research. I am good at that.
I Love You Garrett
Love Alexis#1 Fan!!

Hey Garrett how are you? me good. I was wondering what was your life like before you were an actor? was it horrible or did you like it? I just have to know anything and every thing about you! I love you. Alexis



Man and I thought that I was obsessive! Sorry Lauran but that is WAY WAY TOO much love! girl I don't give that much love to anyone! Not even Quince my Best guy friend. Hi garrett so what is up with you? I DONT want to go to school tomorrow. the most imbarassing thing happened to me today. I went to school and there was a giant hole in my pants you know where the pocket is. It was ript there. Like 3 or 4 inches. And no one even bothered to tell me. I finally figure it out in fourth period.

You are the best actor ever!!!!!! AND you are really really HOTTT !!! And you were great in Four brothers and TRoy.

Luv ya

hey garret i just wanna say that u rock you are so fit i am only 14 :{ lol but u are my hero xoxoxoxoxo

omg you are da best actor eva i watched 4 brothers 2 weeks ago and i still cant get over it. ur soooooooooooooo sexy and ur so talented at acting and wen u died i was so upset i couldnt stop crying.i kno dat other girls all say this but serously i love u !!! you are my inspiration and because of you i really really want to be an actress you have shown me the way. i know that your probaly not going to read this since you wnt have time and because you're only 5 years older than me wen i make it as an actress (i hope i will) i realli realli want to meet you please can you just send me 1 email for tips on how to act
my email is hype-rr@hotmail.co.uk id really appreciate it :p

damm garrett you got the three tees tight ass tight looks and looks like u got the think dickk im outtt=]

garrett you are the must gorgeous person i ever saw i love you. after watching your movie four brothers and friday night lights i fell in love with him. i love him so much .

i`m not just a big fan of yours..but i really like your personality..i read everything about you..your life..your hobbies..
sounds pretty stalker-ish..right?
you seem like a rare, hard-to-find kind of person..like someone unique..but maybe i`m just crazy..

i didn`t post my name up because..i don`t think that i will even have a chance to meet you anyways..and especially with all these fans that are all crazy about you..but i just wanted to say that your a truly awesome guy..that would also make a really good boyfriend..lol
well i hope everything goes alright for you..
take care <3

Garrett, I have never written to a celebrity before. Your my first one!! Anyway's I loved you in Four Brother's. I know you get that a lot but you are just sooo attractive to all of us ladies:P I think that you are gorgeous and that you should have been voted The Sexiest Man Alive 2005. Anyway's i just wanted to let you know that:P

I love you Garrett oxoxoxoxoxoxo


Hello i am very happy you are playin eragon is this movie i was thinkin though,Arya should of been played by Kate Beckinsalea...i was always woundering who should play eeagon...i think you cut out for the job...lol


WoW!!! Garrett Hedlund is so freakin sexy, and only 5 years older then me ;D lol I balled my eyes out when Jack died...you don't even know...I am a HUGE fan, I think you're an amazing actor, huge ball of talent...can you imagine what the world would be missing if you hadn't become an actor? lol! love yah, Kylie (AKA *Twistee*)
PS...ppl, if you're gonna comment in here...MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO SPELL! I think we should get married...that would be great...lol
xox kisses and hugs xox

Hey Garrett!
You already got this alot but I luv you in the movie Four Brothers I watched it over and over again^^ It's pretty funny at the end when your a rocker during the credits I luv your acting:P

PS.add my e-mail lmaoz

garret where do i start?
1)your smile makes me melt.
2)your eyes are out of this world.
3)you die well its actually kinda creepy.
4)your laugh is is unexplainable.
thanks for making my day.
a normal girl in a normal world.

hey i luv you ur acting was great i dont cry at sad movies but when u died in four brothers i cryed so much ;( its was so sad.ur awsome o yea most people that send a comment are kinda wacko like katie and the other girl they used this comment page as a friken chat line:) anyways luv ya keep up the great work

hi garrett your the hottest person ive ever none. you were great in eragon and four brothers. keep it up with the acting and never change.

Okay. It's kinda creepy 13 year-old's posting there sex life on here. you're 13, and shouldn't be having sex yet..jesus H. No matter how many times you write "I wanna fuck you" he won't come jump down your pants. I'm sorry girls. Ya, the man's sexy as hell. I'll agree. But don't get all creepy and stalkerish. For christ sake. Okay. I'm done. If you feel the need to talk shit to me, Go ahead and email me. I'll get a good laugh from it.

you are soooooooo hot garrett!!!!! I love your smile and your blue eyes!!!!You are the best actor I¬īve ever seen!!!
veri (your biggest fan from germany)

I like very much garrett hedlund because he is the best. his view is beautiful and he is good looking, more more good loking. I love you garrett. I die for see you any day, but it's a dream, but I dream, because every is a dream, I love you. you're not alone.you have a lot of fans

Oh mi God! How many people r obsessed wid u! It's so anoying! Get a life people!

Hi Garrett:D you are soo cute and sexy...i love four brothers,but its sooooo sad when you die in it:(but its just a movie...
i hope that i can meet you sometime,but i just know that i am not going too do that because i live in norway..well well..
i just want you too know that i love you soo much, and keep up the good work, you can be something big you know:)
I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH hugs and kisses

omg!!! is it need that I say "you so sexy!!!" u know that,and you heard it 100000000 milion time!!! Your acting is great,and 4 brothers is the best film I ever seen!! LOVE YOU!! KISSSSESSSS

Hi im a realy big fan of yours, your a great actor keep up the great work!!!!


Hey Garrett,

You obbviously dont no me but, who does. Anyways I just wanted to say that I have seen most of your movies and i really enjoyed them a lot, especially Four Brothers and Troy. I think you are a really great beginning actor. Its kinda funny, when I first saw you in Troy, I had no idea who you were I just really liked your character. then I saw Eragon and my sister looked you up and told me about all of the movies that you were in and we both got obbsessed! Of course who wouldn't because your so hot anyway. I loved loved loved Four Brothers and i cant wait for your next movies!!


Place- San Clemente, CA

hey garrett

ilove all of your moivies but troy i didnt like the long hair


Hi, It's me,I think you should keep your hair black it looks so hot, oh did I mention you are to!!!!!


Shawntae Lund

I love you!!!!!

Garrett is soooo HOT, I agree, but you guys should stop being so obsessed, one of these days you are going to get your heart broken when he marries a different person!!!! LOL!!!

I Luv U Garrett U R So Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garrett Your I'm So Obsessed You Affecting My School Work I Wrote A Poem About You The Other Day

Garrett Hedlund is,
A Deer In A Herd Of Buffalo,
A Dove In A Flock Of Pidgeons,
A Prince Valiant Among Men

A Dragon Among Feeble Lizards,
A Shark Among Fish Of Yellow,
A Tank Among Mini Motos,

Your The Swan In The Group Of Canadian Geese,
Your The Purebred In The Mutts,
Your The Tiger In The Tabbys,

You've Got Eyes That Are Soft Pillows,
Fists That Are Hard Nails,
Your Arms Are Strong Lions Legs

Your Garrett Hedlund King Of Men

By Lauren
age 11

Hey Garrett
I Think We Should Get Married I Will Be Old Enough In 5 Years Or So And We Could Have 7 Kids Cuz Thats My Lucky Number Lav You More Than The World Itself

hey garrett i am from california hemet i love ur movies like 4 brother i like how u act with mark wahlberg , tyeres gibson and ander benjerment

You r so hott in 4 brothers. Man i'd love to meet you. Please i;m 14 and i'd love to get anything signed from ya.

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