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Raven Symone Continues Strong Career with Popular Show and a New Movie

Posted by Fara Kearnes on July 20, 2005 11:11 PM |

Raven Symone picTeen star Raven is taking her show "That's So Raven" into a 4th season and can now boast that it is the longest-running show on the Disney cable network.

"I'm so proud of it," she said of the show, which has been the basis for a video game and fashion line, and earned an Emmy nomination last week.

The 19-year-old has also recently wrapped a serious dramatic role, playing a student who forces her high school outside Atlanta to vote on whether to end their long-standing tradition of segregated proms for blacks and whites.

, "I was so excited that I got to work on it, that they weren't blindsided by the fact that I did comedy," she says of the Lifetime movie, "For One Night."

Raven acknowledges that such a story taking place only three years ago is "amazing, but then again, I've experienced racism. It's still there. It's ignorance that keeps it alive. I hope this opens some people's eyes. I'm happy that it's going to go down as my first venture away from Disney as an adult."

Read the full article at Dailynews.com.

"I was so excited that I got to work on it, that they weren't blindsided by the fact that I did comedy," she says of the Lifetime movie, "For One Night."

Raven acknowledges that such a story taking place only three years ago is "amazing, but then again, I've experienced racism. It's still there. It's ignorance that keeps it alive. I hope this opens some people's eyes. I'm happy that it's going to go down as my first venture away from Disney as an adult."

Read the full article at Dailynews.com.


I loooooooooovvvveee Raven Soooooo much and I can't wait to see her movie For One Night. I bet it's going to be tight and educational. I love her soooooo much!!!!!!!!!

i love your shows! i want to know how old you are e-mail me at sports_fan003!

Hi Raven people are hating because your a big size girl. But that doesn't matter cause us thick girls can do just as much as those skinny hoes understand so don't let anyone criticize your wieght I don't see nothing wrong with u.

Raven vs Jlo, you crazy,while JLO can sing and dance,but cant act for sure,we have this gorgeous actress name (raven)that have the whole package.
SNAP, Raven is that BOMB,you go gorgeous.
by the way im puertorican :P

Dear Raven,
I am the mother of 5. (2 teenage daughters, 1 son, and 2 teenage step sons.)
WE watch That's so Raven everyday. My 15 year old daughter, Tara, is a big fan of you. She has been having to deal with a lot of peer pressure the past couple of years.(and was hospitalized last March with depression.) She loves to watch your show and wishes school here, was like your school on the show. She is an honor student, cheerleader, softball player,a great dancer, and beautiful! She's been a little down lately and tonight after watching the show, she said...I wish I had a best friend like Raven. We live in Georgia! If you ever get down this way Let us know!!It would be great to meet you and I know it would lift Tara. She has said since she was 4, she wants to be on TV. Maybe one day she'll make it. She has the potential and the drive. My 8 y.o. son, Dalton, says to tell you Hello! You are a positive influence and I appreciate that.

raven can act sing and dance. jlo cant do half the things raven can. raven dont let no one put you down you know who you are and aint no one gonna change that. raven im your number 1 fan. i would do any thing to see you in person. dont let jlo put you down. you rock!!!!!!!

luv your shows, watch all the time , are you coming to London soon to do any here.

luv your shows, watch all the time , are you coming to London soon to do any here.

You r a cool girl. Your show is off the chain. I've been missing ALOT of your new episodes cause' my cable got cut off. But i'll always love your show.

i love raven she is so preety and she sings so good i want to be just like her when i grow up

Raven you are my biggest fan ever. Even though I'm a small town girl I still hope to make it where you are one day. That's why I always say: "God helps those who help themselves." And I'm going to keep trying and God will help me for sure. You have inspired me inside and out, my mind and my soul, and also me heart. Thank you alot for everything you've done and your words. You are the best ever and I love you, and that's coming from the heart really!!**


I am a BIG fan of Raven!!! If some1 has her email address or AOL sn email it 2 me superstar4ever05@yahoo.com or im it to me at butterfly51804

Happy New Year Raven!!!!! emaill me if u c this superstar4ever05@yahoo.com or im me my sn is butterfly51804

Dear Raven
I love you so much I wish I can meet u some day. i watch your show all the time and I think you look fine as hell if anyone ever talks bad bout u yo beauty can shut them up cause u have the whole package and i mean the whole package. u r my most favorite celebrity. u the best of the best and i love yo music u r my queen talk to u layta love u holla at ya boy @BLballer01@yahoo.com (15 years old) peace

i raven i love your show that so raven, it is the best show on disney channel.I love all the movie you were on the number one movie is for one night that was the best movie i have ever seen in my life,you played that part girl.you got a going on sister girl.i wish you could com where i live.

Raven if you see this I really want to meat you so you can e-mail me to ester0696@hotmail.com. That's everything I want at least say hello.

Hi Raven just want to let you know how much I love your show

raven i know you get this like a milion times a day but ive been looking for your email adress all day all i wanted to say to you was hi im not a maniac im only 13 i love all of your shows and this is the onlyway that i could tell you that gee i hope you read this because its not only me there are milions of people (kids) that love your shows and and it makes us fell like you dont care when you dont reply or give us a sighn that ur even reading this. You make us girls think that we dont have to be stick skinny to be beutiful gee you here that line every day but thats just because everyone feels that way raven you have changed my life i use to think that i had to eat only 2 times a day to stay in shape or to be beutiful i know that the epesode that you have to get skinny was ur lines but i felt that you relly felt that way. Raven i think your so cool you are my romodel and i also sended in my oh snap for your marathon if your going to be on the marathon like live can you give me a sighn that you even got this message or send me an e mail you dont have to add me to ur e mail friends all i want to know is that you got this and read my letter a month ago i wrote to you on disney channel a long letter i dont think you got it but its ok i know that the people in disneychannel dont relly give you all the letters you get so i hope you get this one please read this and write to me or do something that will let me know that you got this

ur biggest fan

Raven you is like my favorite person in the whole wide world i am trying my best to find out everything about you. You is my role model always as like for ever and i love you so much.I have been trying to get your email address for the last 15 days but won't nobody give it to me.But u can email me at Shelva13@yahoo.com or either email me at Shelva2010@yahoo.com
I can't wait to see Cheetah Girls2. and that movie you played on lifetime was awesome For Night. And i would of have did the same thing you did because that school did not need no 2 proms and i am glad you stood up for what was right.Since we have DVR t.v i even recorded it i just couldn't help it. I have even watched all your That's So Raven episodes. I am going to watch that new one tonight on the date of March 17,2006 i just can not manage to miss even one show. But will u please email me back and want to grow up and be just like you. I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I can't wait to hear back from you

Dear Raven
I am a really big fan of you. i watch your show everyday and it is just absolutly funny. You, Corey, Eddy, and Chelsea are the 4 main funniest characters in the whole show. Chelsea acts dumb sometimes and she says the wrong things but she always cracks me up. Anyway i just wanted to say i really like your show and good like for the future

dear raven i am such a huge fan of yours. i watch your show everyday, and i love your music. i think you are at the top of your game .and i hope you continue to be successfful in your acting and music. i hope that one day i could have that chance to meet you one day.

Raven I am a 13 yearold and you have a postive rolemodel for and I love everything you do cause you sing, act, produce and even write your own music you are the best ever :D :D

hey Raven your cheetah girls 1 is fun Then the Cheetah Girls 2 When Does It Come Out?

Hey Ray I'm like your biggest fans I have pictures of you and me at SIx Flages new England just to tel the others Stptember 9 06 rays comin.
I watch your show all the time e-mail me plez a RavenSymones1@aim.com

hld tyte da wifeyyy ravennn soo much lovee goes out 2 uu an ur beautiful self wrds cant describe how i feel 4 u, u such an insperation towards me an im gnna watch ur filmm coz it is always soo suprising 2 c wat u come up wid an ur acting skill r ov da hizzle gyal xxx ur wifeyxx

ravennnnnn i luvvv u 2 much wrds cant describe ow i feel 4 u xx ur wifey xx


hey Raven i can't belive that i can finaly tell you somthing,i've been watching your show A.K.A thats so Raven since like forever (when it came out)
my whole family loves your show. we even record your shows. you play your character really well by the way! I've seen every episode. what i think you should do is have a movie to finish off the very last season and have your mom (tanya bacster) be in the movie too! well i hope you will be able to read this. oh! by the way my faviourtie movie is the cheetah girls and i can't wait for cheetah girls 2 to com out well i geuss thats all i have to say for now

P.S please e-mail me back
from one of your #1 fans Alexandra

Hi this is Shaquindra Savage I am your biggest fan I might be going to Disney World in August maybe we can hang out Cheetahs.Can I have your phone number and Icould call you Cheetahs some times.remember Shaquindra Savage your biggest fan

hey raven i just luv your shows and i luv how u act wit eddie,chelsea,cory,and your mom and dad.

well bbbyyyeee...

do you like working with other with other star do u have a boyfriend i am 15-years-oid i like u alot i am your biggest fan i stay in AZ at 1116.n.7sevent place i relly from New Olerance p.s.wright back please

if anybody has ravens email
address please send it to me

hey rae people say u r fat but i still think youre that pretty girl everybody use to like.

I luv your show, and the cheetah girls

hi Raven ur my role model i've always wanted to b like u i loved watching u in the cosby show and i loved the cheetah girls 1 and 2 ur awesome!
much love Alaina

what up raven hey girl
i love your show i watch
it everyday

you is pretty

Raven, I love watching ur shows everyday especially when u were a little girl on the cosby show... i wish it would come on more often like it did... anyway, i want to let u knw thay im writing a 500 words essay about u to a scholarship im applying to so when i take off to college... email me at miss_lilone_805@yahoo.com and I'll send u a copy & u could tell me what u think... chow raven keep ur head up & let knowone put u down...!

Dear Raven, I was woundering if you would want to buy girl scout cookies. Tell me what kind and how many. I was also woundering if if you want to join gmail. By the way I LOOOOOOOVE your show! Iwatch it every day. So if you want to buy you have to email me before next Friday. If not do you want to talk.

Raven symone is the best!!
She is so much better than Jessica Simpson. Raven makes Paris Hilton look like an idiot.If Raven and Brittney S. competed in a singing contest Raven would win!!

Raven symone is absolutley wicked and anyone who says otherwise is just so stupid!!!!! she is 110% pure amazing talent!!!

Hello, Raven. My name is Jennifer. Probably, you will never, EVER see see this message, or; maybe, in fact this website...BUT...I am not "retarded" I can try anyways. You are probably going to

Hey Raven Symone email me ok & i LOVE your show That So Raven I've ALWAYS wished i was famous like you

Hey Raven U The Cute, Bad,Funny and Smart Girl To Be Lawer Or Diva?

Dear Raven,
I just wanted to say that you are the funniest girl out of cory,chelsea,and eddie they are not funny at all. Also on that show when you had the boys in motion living in your hose that was not right when you said to your friend in school that they will poform but they didn't you ,chelsea,and eddie played for them.I really thought that you was a jerk but when i saw them i said thank you so much raven for bringing them ,but i just want to say that i'm sorry i called you a jerk but you can be one of them for a few so bye see you at 6:30 luv ya.

what is your phonenumber

HEY girl you are hot and do you still buy your clothes at SASSY i buy mine there to.hi i really like you im a big fan its like my bro is always laughing at me because i'll be watching THATS SO RAVEN.so how does it fill to be a star i know you wont read this message but its ok i know you got many things to do

Raven is no "plus size" or "big girl". She is like a size 8 or 10. She is NOT fat and is perfectly fine. She has those big tits that make her look bigger than she is.

Raven Symone please be my new
girlfriend for real life
i live in west virginia,clay
county,maysel and when are you
down here we will meet together

Raven if you do get this I was hoping we can talk so if you need my e-mail is texasa07@yahoo.com because I like you the way you are and you can be my perfect match and then your show is the best ever I seen since whale holla at me okay keep do what you do and one more thing if you give me your real e-mail one you look at mines give it to be just for us if that cool so we can talk online togther okay.

Hi Raven

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