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Lindsay Lohan Says She Misses Her Boobs

Posted by Fara Kearnes on July 4, 2005 3:27 PM |

Happy Birthday to Lindsay Morgan Lohan who turned 19 on Saturday, July 2nd. I wonder if she bought a pair of Outfitter Scribble Jeans ($98) in the Twin Cities where she's now filming "A Prairie Home Companion" with Meryl Streep? Our girl is growing up and turning into a serious actress ... and, is it me, or has she gained a little weight? What! you say you're eating fries at McDonald's again?

In an interview with US magazine, this week, Lindsay talks about her health and weight loss: "I miss my boobs! It sucks."

Lindsay Lohan talks "How I'm staying Healthy" The "Herbie: Fully loaded" star tells US her keep-fit plans-and her trainer reveals her diet and workout.

On the afternoon of June 22, Lindsay Lohan ducked into NYC's Hotel Gansevoort for a brief break from a whirlwind day spent racing around the city promoting her new Disney film, "Herbie: Fully Loaded," at seemingly every major media outlet. In between tapings of MTV's Total request live and Late with Conan O'Brien, the slender star, clad in a Valentino dress and Chanel necklace, sat down for an interview with Us.

The main order of business for the actress, who turned 19 on July 2? Setting the record straight about her dramatic weight loss and her health. "I do take care of my body-there is nothing to change. I'm really happy," the five-foot-five star tells Us. "I'm growing up in front of the public eye, and people are watching me change. When you watch a child change, you see their bodies, their image, the style of their clothes, everything change. You mature, it happens!"

Weighty Matters
Though she has lost the curvy, fuller figure of her "Mean Girls" days, the star insists her new physique is due in part to smarter dietary choices, telling Us that rampant rumors of an eating disorder are "ludicrous."

Still, Lohan is the first to admit that every good diet requires the occasional indulgence. "I always have to eat dessert," she says, laughing. "and I just had McDonald's. I had my fries craving!"

But it was no joke when Lohan dramatically shed 25 pounds during an October hospital stay while filming, Herbie. "I had exhaustion," she told Elle magazine in an interview for the July Issue. "I was diagnosed with acid reflux, anemia, hypoglycemia, my liver was swollen, my kidney was infected." Despite the severity of her condition, Lohan was actually pleased with the resulting weight loss. "I'm happy to have lost weight," Lohan told London's Daily Telegraph. "And I'm working at keeping it off." Indeed, no sooner had she dropped from a size 6 to a size 2, Lohan felt "pressure to keep it off," she told David Letterman on his show.

But rather than turn to extreme measures, the star began working with a trainer and developed a sensible diet. "It's my body, and it's my life, and it's my health." the actress tells Us. "That's why I've been working out and just eating healthier."

And it seems a fitter lifestyle has not been hard for her to adopt. "Lindsay is very athletic, and excercise and physical activity come very naturally to her," her trainer, Justin Gelband, tells Us.

{In Touch reported the actress fainted during a recent spinning class in Body & Soul workout in West Hollywood, but the gym's owner, Tevia Celli, tells Us, "It's an outright lie. Lindsay Lohan has never even been in here.")

Of course, her newly chiseled frame does have one drawback. "I miss my boobs! It sucks!" the actress, who now wears 24-inch-waist jeans, tells Us. A final must-do on her stayfit plan: "sleeping for seven hours," she says, "Though that's hard for me because of traveling and jet lag."

On the town
Her diet and workout seem to be on track, but what about her rep as a nightclub-crawler? "I go out with friends and go dancing once in a while, but so do other girls," says Lohan, who, during her two-day press tour in NYC, was seen at hot spots Marquee, Bungalow 8 and 49 Grove.

Still, she insists her evening out are usually low-key. Indeed, when she attended a June 25 concert by the Jared Leto-fronted band 30 seconds to Mars at West Hollywood's Roxy Theatre, along with Ashley Olsen, "She seemed very tame," an onlooker tells Us.

Adds Lohan, "I don't really go out that much-[people] say I do, but I really don't."

Moreover, the actress slams the notion that her partying could be the cause of her trimmer figure. "I'm not skinny for the wrong reasons," Lohan told Elle. "It's not because I'm bulimic or anorexic or doing drugs."

Next Step
Lohan is now enjoying a rare-and brief-break before heading to Minnesota in late July to begin shooting, "A Prairie Home Companion," a drama in which she playts Meryl Streep's daughter. "I'm going to be taking voice and guitar lessons and having lots of rehearsals,"' she tells Us. "It's a dream role. I just can't wait to learn from the cast and be in that environment."

And in a nod to her new lifestyle, she adds, "My trainer will probably be coming with me [to Minnesota] too," In the meantime, she's focusing on staying stong. "I'm really happy, I have a great life, I'm working hard, and that's all that matters," she says. "I know that I'm fine and healthy and so do the people I care about."


what happened to your boobs? they are gone!

I thought that you were a beautiful girl in a size 6, and you stiil are in a size 2. I know it is your life. But your fans are watching you like me ( age 12 ) and then we think we are fat, and want to change like you did! Just rember those people out there watching you ( your fans )

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