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Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush About to Split?

Posted by Fara Kearnes on July 28, 2005 3:50 PM |

Chad Michael Murray pic
They just walked down the aisle together three months ago, but the marriage between "One Tree Hill" stars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush may already be over.

An insider has told the New York Post gossip columnist that "the marriage is all but done. They are separated, and she is going to file for divorce imminently."

Rumors that Chad was cheating on Sophia started almost before the honeymoon was over. Reports are saying that he's been having a good time back home in L.A. while his new bride was out of town filming the teen horror flick "Stay Alive."

Updated 9-27-05: Chad and Sophia announced their are separating today. See the new post at archives/2005/09/chad_michael_mu_2.html and leave comments. Thanks.


hey dont broke up

I think they shoud split up, Chad can do so much better then Sophia, like co star Hilarie Burton she is pretty and I totally think you two can be perfect like in the programme aswell, get together in that aswell.

Chad and Brook are a great couple together!!! It seems like they really clicked. I hope the rumors are not true.

nooooooooo!!!! they can't split!!

girls wake up!!!
the sweet couple chad and sophia are over!!!!
those are no rumors.....
I liked them together... but I want the chad to my self!!

i luv chad!!!! the yshould split and he should get with hilary duff

it was not chad who cheated, it was sophia!! she was with jesse metcalf.

Chad u break sophia's heart, I'll break your neck

Sophia u should split up. your fucking hot. ou should get someone better like me.

I think that chad and sophia should not split they are the cuttest couple on this earth like come on whos hotter than chad michael murray and sopha bush

u people are sooo blind they are the best couple i ever saw im sure the're only rumors they can't split up because they fit soo well together
and plus they really do make a great couple i mean i also find CMM hot but he's with sophia so im not gonna get between them by telling them to split up i mean if they break up i'll be crying 4 daiiz CMM please don't divorce with sophia please luv ya mah homiezzz please don't split up

Chad is like so fit but they cant split i think they make a lovely couple they should think about it first and i dont believe that he has been cheating on her.

yeah hes free and single and able to come 2 me!

well i think they should split up first of they are too young gone are the old days when marriage lasts and this is hollywood so three months really is quite a while at least they had a go. so cudous to them. plus i am in love with chad so hey... and puh leese he is way hotter that sophia bush she isnt pretty hilarie burton's way prettier. but chad and sophia have got to the end of the road. astalavista

omg i don think cmm n sophia shud get a divorse cuz terh like so cute togetha n yea chad probly neva cheated cus i dont think hes that kind of person cuz he dosent look like he woulg do somthing like that cuz he loves sophia but they jus need to talk thas all if they talk thers noe reason fur a divorse cus they look hot together and ill be sad if they do cuz i dont belive that there gonna split cuz i dont belive the rumers n if it iz then its to bad

I think the breakup are just rumors.....they are sooo perfect for each other......

hey there! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DONT SPLIT UP!!!!! i LOVE u both! chad and sophia!u love birds are soo meant for each otha! pLZ dont spLit up!

<3 frm ur fan aLL tha way down in brunei,borneo isLand.do u even noe wer it is?

i hope the rumors are not true because chad and sophia are the perfect couple, and i think it is not true because why would chad do that when he says all these amazing things about her and how he is lucky to have her...for some reason i do not think they are splitting i can just feel it...they are too good for each other to split and they should be the first ones to know that.

I bet that is a lie but if it is true that sux because they are a really really good couple!!

salut chad commant va tu ma super

I think Chad and Hilary Duff shoul be the perfect couple, whats sooooo great about sophia. Yea c'mon split
(.........totaly agree with Anna)

Oh my god
Chad and Sophia cant split they are so cute together and um excuse me Hilary Duff is engaded to the gutarest from Good Charollete and that is old news

you have GOT to be kidding me. we've already lost brad and jen!! this can NOT be happening

they aren't splitting...it came right from chad's mouth in the september issue of teen people, he did an interview and said that they weren't splitting up...so all the rumors going around that they are, are complete bullshit and people should stop making stuff up b/c they are completely in love and people should mind their own business and not make up stuff about people!!!!


i think that if chad did cheat on sofia then they sould get a divorse but i dont think chad seems lik the kinda paerson to ever do that to a girl and for all u ppl that think they will b able to hook up wit chad or sofia face it will never happen and the thing that will suck if they get a divorse is that it will b aukword for them to work together wen they have to film one tree hill

Chad and Sophia are not breaking up. These are all just rumors. You can't believe any magazines that don't quote the actors word for word.

Wow you gals maybe you should consider you don't KNOW Chad ór Sophia personally, so I don't think you can judge how good or bad they were together and who deserved better and who didn't. I do think you can say that this is what happens when you get married too young/soon. FOR GOD'S SAKE the kids were 22 and 23; they should still be exploring life and dating and the world and you shouldn't want to commit so tightly at that age!

Chad and Sophia should totally split up! Chad is too good for her!
Wake up girls ...
Chad and I would be the perfect couple!

i think chad and sophia are great together and i really, really hope that the rumars are false.
i am a huge fan of chad and he seems very happy with sophia so i honestly hope that the two of them stay together for a very, very, very long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, u wanna break up huh? Well........we really dont give a shit!!
Nemma: chad marry me!!
Delu: get a life dude.

Delu: chad marry me!
Nemma: actually, we dont want u. Can u make me famous!!??
"tell freddie prinz Jr to call us"

u should break up !!! i hink chad would really suit wif .................... ME ............ ye-ha cuz i want ya all 2 myself n sophia if u break chads heart again ill kill ye !!!

break up! both are too young to get married, especially in the "hollywood life"

chad i know you loves sophia but if you cheated on her i will never forgive you even through we dont know each other i will hate you for the rest of my life or untill you die please dont let the rumors be true.
sophia i just heard about you when you were on the first episode together and then your charecters got together on the show and i told everyone that i know that you guys should be together in real life and then i found out you were together and i was so happy i couldn't even stop talking about you too. then i found out that you were engaged and then married i was like they belong together and my friend and i made a bet that you and chad would last forever and have a lot of kids and she said you wouldn't even last a year please please please dont let this be true i love you all so much thanks and chad if the rumors are not true i am so sorry about what i said

Hey chad
I used to like u a lot and thought u were cute but now since u smoke i dont think one thing about u !!! STOP SMOKING!!!

They shouldn't split, they are perfect. All those things are just rumors. And i wanna say something to those STUPID GIRLS and STUPID BOYS, girls Sophia is better than all of u together and Chad is smart so he wouldn't be with you and boys commom you are nothing, of course comparing to the hot Chad Michael Murray besides Sophia is a smart girl. An advice: Don't break up, try to fix it, go to therapy or somethin,you both have to remember why you're in love and try hard and make it work ,when you get married it should forever, it's not like a change of cloth.

you guys make awounderful couple together,"don't listen to what other people say"and live happily fo ever .what i wish you is a happy life together.

he's buff, but his good looks wont get him out of dis if the rumours r true....cheatin is totallly low.....

sorry, but chad is kind g.a.y and i think his girl is nice and should marry me.

Okay, I really dont believe that Chad M. Murray would cheat on a beautiful woman that he says he love's and adore's so much. I believe what he said in people mag. that " He was with some friends and had planned on going to a bar to sit and chill but it turned out to be a strippers club" he say's that he didnt know it untill they had gotten there and that he had told sophia what was going on. Man i swear gossip folk just cant get enough. i think that they just go way to far with the roumors and they really know how to mess up someone's career, rep., or relationship really bad. I think that Chad and Sophia are such a cute couple, and Chad.....whooo...he is totaly hot. Sophia you better watch out...Nah im just kidding...(wink wink);D ... now i dont know how this Jesse Mecarthe guy came in the picture, (although he is cute)....but anyway Chad and Sophia keep your heads up and stay strong! :D ~XoXo~

all of u people who think that chad and sophia should get a divorce are so stupid and i honestly don't like you i don't think that they should split up they are the hottset couple
(and also i luv chad tooooooo he is fricking awesome and cute) (uhhhhh daaaaa)

i dont care what anyone says about you chad you are a great man and i dont think that you are sophia would cheat on each other you stars are great for each other.CHAD YOU ARE SO SEXY.you are my roll model.I dont care what anyone says

They make such a fantastic couple, they can't have split!

chad and sophia should so not split up there like the cuttest couple ever.so people say that there should break up are doing it cause there jelous, i can see that there totally in love in all the photos/pictures. y do newspapers always try and cause trouble to all the really happy people there did it to jen and brad and now there are started on sophia and chad cause they have nothing else to write in there stupid newspaper articles,they really need to get a life and concentrate on there own lives and marriage and butt out of other people's bisness, im a hugh fan of one tree hill especially chad and sophia and can say that the newspapers have wrote a load of bullshit. for one start if you look in othfans.com website there are loads of facts ya you heard me facts about how the couple are still madly in love.
so all the jelous people out there who have no lives shout the hell up.
thks for reading this .

people open your eyes there are the cuttest couple and chad has said that they are not spiltting up and it came from her own mouth when in a teen choice interview.

hmm...anyone who wishes for people to get divorced i think has problems of their own...way to buy into society's trend towards marrying without the intent of staying together...anyone who gets married for the right reasons have made a vow to each other and should try their hardest to stay together...if it doesn't work then at least they can say they tried...that's seriously wrong to wish for people to get divorced...especially when none of us know these two people in question

i dnt think that they should split up. they have just walked dwn the aisle and now these rumors have come up. they are a happy cute couple and u people r just jealous cause u aint got a fuckin love life. if they were splitting up then why r they trying for a baby. get the facts right before starting rumors. and another fact, they have been interviewed recently together saying how much they love each other and hope to stay together. chad has also sed that it is wrong to cheat on other women so i dnt think he even did it. whoeva started the rumors are just petty, lonely and looking for attention.

please dont split up me personaly thing that chad michael murray is so sexy and all you girls who things that he is gay,ugly or stupid can go smack your self in the head until you get it in your head that he is so sexy

all of you girls who think that if chad and sophia do break up that you will get chad dream on becaues he will be so sad and like he will really want to go out with one of us paleez he is to good for all of us put together dont you think and how old are we 12,13,14 he will be 24 on august 24 dont belive me look for yourself

chad and sophia look so hot together it will be really sad if they brake up. I think hilary burton doesn't look good with chad. Sophia is so much cutter than her.
P.S: chad is the cuttest guy in the world!!!!!

i hope the chad and sophia put a law suit on the person who are spreading these rumours. so watch out!!!!!!!!!!.
im out of here
p.s chad and sophia are the cuttest couple eva.

p.p.s people are also spreading that shane and nicky are gay come on there married people.

Hey idoit people,I hear that not true and I saw Chad and Sophia are fell in love and kiss each other from One Tree Hill in real life and they not separated,spirt and divorce too in real life.Stop rumor about them and they really great couple on One Tree Hill and in real life,okay.Nope your bussiness from them.They are secert each other in real life,okay.Please stop rumor about them,okay.

sophia u are going to break chads heart and if u do I dont think u would ever like 2 meet me because chad only talks good about u and u accuse him of ceating if u dont have any proove dont accuse him of ceating on u he loves you so much he is so happy with you so everyone BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!

I don't think so that Chad and Sophia Bush are split,separated and divorce in real life,that not true rumor about them.Chad not good for Hilary Duff,cuz Chad totally not never cheat on Sophia from someone,cuz he totally love her very much and she totally love him very much forever in real life too.I hear that they are great couple, feel each other and love on One Tree Hill tv.Chad only touch talk and love about his wife and Sophia only touch talk and love about her husband in real life and Please stop rumor about them, okay.I like them and they are so awersome too.

if sophia knows who chad was with when thay where 2gether mabe she sould tell huh if she does not know any thing do not say any thing bad about chad and that goes for every1 who thinks thay know everything thay DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

listen chad and sophia aren't getting a divorice
don't listen to the internet they always lie and if they do then i will be crying for days

they're not going to break up chad LOVES sophia bush....why the HELL would he propose to her? Gosh people its all a bunch of fucked up rumors! Get over it!

hey, chad & sophia cant slipt cuz its just rumors and i know wat i'm talking about all stars have rumors its not true they love each other!!!

Everyone who said they should split up is freaking CRAZY they look so good togeather and I belive that they are soul mates and they need to stay togeather forever!!!!!!!!!!!

omg! i hope they arnt spliting up! and pleassss Nobody here can get chad! oh i want chad to myself?? you can never have him! his to god for you!! i have a litle crhush on chad to..but thats just becouse he`s hot....but hes married..and i would never talk bad about Sophia..just becouse she`s his wife..and i dont want them to spilt up..Becouse i want him to myself..! no way..i can never get him..and neither can any one els her..and beside Hilerie Birton already have a boyfriend...!! And they are Not a god match (hill and chad) becouse if they were chad would have been married to her and not Sophia..but he is! And i think thet look cute togheter..Really happy and in love! i whis them all the best!! Sorry about my English..!!!!!

Chad and sophia should get divorce coz they got married to young.Chad would not cheat on Sophia.
They should have gotten married in two or three years time.Chad & Hilliary Duff would look much hotter and cutter together

hi !!!! Sophia and Chad look so hot together!!:):D
One tree hill the best!!!!!!:D and sOphiaaa the best!!!!!(L)u sophia and chad (L)

YES SPLIT UP AND COME MArRy ME OR HILARY DuFF. PLZZZZ. better if u marry me i am the rite age for u but it iz okay if u marry hilary duff

chad and sophie donit split u both look great 2gether and u both suit eachother and one tree hill is great lol!!! and chad is soooo fit

i really do think they are splitting up. And i do think they make a good coupple but i want chad.

those are just rumors they aren't splitting up. But i wish they were because then i could have chad all to my self because he is the most damn sexy guy i have ever net

Chad and Sophia are the best couple ever and you other people who say they sould split up, When you get married you sould do that! Hilliary Duff is too young for CHad so whatever!

Their the best couple ever!

why would any one want a marriage to be ruined...this is why the united states has such a bad name..they take things like marriage and just think of it like it doesnt mean anything..everyone thinks you should get what you can out of it and then be done with it...thats not what you said in your vows to eachother and if you make a vow before God you should be really scared to break it.

i luv chad michael murray he is sooooooooo fit and he can do loads better than sophia he should go out wiv hilary duff at least she deserves him
i love chad!!!!!

i think chad and shophia never should of merried, chad could of got a better girl like ashlee simpson!! i think they would make a cool coople!

hey happy birthay chad !

Don't Spit

they are not divorced and i don't think they will be. they are still kissing and hugging on set of OTH and i think they are just sorting some stuff out. you guys need to lay off the bitchyness towards them both, more to all you Sophia haters. they are beautiful together and we should all be happy because they are nothing but perfect together. just quit the bitching and appreciate what happens to the people of this world. x

They Wr like made 4 each otha

Why should you split up why would you want to risk ur relationship these stupid rumors.Girls would kill to be in sophias place and guy s would kill to be in chads place

Chad should have proposed to Sophia!! He should've went out with Hilary!!!

P.S Chad and Hilary does make the cutest couple ever!!! Those of you who doesn't think so, you guys are idiots!!

OMg i soOOOoOooooOOO dont think that Chad cheated on her..in all of his "qouets" or w.e he says that he is loyal and would neva cheat and he doesnt seem like the cheating type! he could not of cheated I dont think that any cheated. I think that ppl just made that up so that there is gossip going around because they seemed like the perfect couple. I mean well I think that the both of them could, well not do better cuz they are both really good,but better for each other you know. But ya i dont think that he cheated on her or she cheated on him...i think ppl just made that up to have gossip on them!!!!

i hope that they really slpit beacuse i don't like sphi, not phisically but i don't like her and i don't like also hilary duff who's really idiot and ashley simpson too. i'm only saying that chad have to be with me. he's so hooooootttttt

omg!!! chad and sophia cannot split up!!! they make the best couple ever! i know that the rumors are just rumors and i know they are going to last forever! I love u chad and sophia and i think u guys are the best couple ever! i hope and I know that u guys will last forever!

Chad is drop dead gorgeous, and he can do much better then Sophia, in fact i think he should go out with HIlary Duff, they make a great match!
I LOVE CHAD! and i hope they do split up, because i want him!
but him and Hilary make a great pair!
lots 'a' love!

i think they shouldnt split i love em both, and even though i love Chad 2 bits, he loves Sophia 2 bits!
love u lots!!!

i sooOOOOo dont thnk that chad and hilary duff!!! she is sooo not his type...i think that him and huilary burton or w.e make a really reallly rellly cute couple!!!! im not gonna talk bout sofia becuase i have nothing agaisnt her she is beautiful plus she got CHAD!! sooo hehehehhehe

i think they shouldnt spilt up

but if they do chad should so totally go for hilary duff, they're so perfect for each other

Guys, I'm sure its a rumour made up by some jealous jerks. I read an article somewhere on the internet. Sophia's legal advisors were telling the press that they weren't even seperated and that they are perfectly happy. :) If he HAD cheated on her, I think my crush on him would have diminished.

Thank God they have broken up he belongs with some one much prettier eg hilary duff
well done Chad ps Ur FITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT aka Cute aka Hottttttttttttt

Please don't split....u know u guys are perfect . u cn sort out a little fight like adults .come on§

chad dont listen to these the people who r saying that u should get a divorse,u people are such behunkers i think they should stay to gether, i mean how would u feel if people were saying " o, well i think u and who ever should break up and go out with me?" i mean u wouldnt want people saying that to u, i mean use ur comen since people, its there disigin NOT URS, OK, any way chad and sophia, PLEASE stay to gether and make up



is it true or rumor

is this really true? how come none of it is in the media? {it is in none of my MANY magazines}

chad i feel very srry for u. email me on crazycoolpool525@yahoo.com


I hope that the rumors are true that they are splitting upbut hey who believes what the tabloids say and a rumor is a rumor chad is swaet he wouldn't cheat on Sophia! coem on

they should split up!!
chad is soooo fit and he could do so much better than her!!(someone like me)

I hope that you ind happiness i whereever you end up next i hope the romers of u cheating on her are false and taht is what i will continue to believe. I really thought that you guys made a really cute couple but i know that you and I would be so much cuter. I am one of your biggest fans you are so hot and i know u wont find it hard to get a girl remember you can always have me ill be here for you !!! I love ya and good luck in all that you do !!! Ill see ya every week on one tree hill !!! Bye LOVE LYNN

first of all...well thats terrible news ofcourse...because they are too cute together...i personally would love to date chad but i know that we're from different levels of human and that chad would never look at me...so i am kinda depressed for that cuz im 18 now and i have never fallen in love bcz the guys are never meant to be...u know they say never judge a book by its cover but its cover reflects its inner self and personality and u can see that chad is a great man...he's gorgeous from the outside and beautiful from the inside...and no one tell me we don;t know anything about him because lets face it they don't have privacy they are always on the net i could even know how many times the poor guy goes to the bathroom...i mean the ones who really love chad(no one loves him as much as i do) they will be happy when he is happy i know that i will never be happy bcz ill never be with him but im glad that he's spending his life happily...i don't know where this is getting me to but all i wanna say is no one loves chad and cares for him as much as me so give the guy a break...and chad u rock baby u jusy do what u do best..ur a great actor the best in my opinion n i love u... u take care of urself...stop smoking...ITS BAD FOR YOU!!!...I LOVE YOU...KISSES AND HUGS...GOODLUCK...MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

first Brad Pitt and Janny splip up...and now chad and Sophia...? It cannot be possible! My dream is to meet Chad cause I love him!!!
From florence

they are just rumors! Go to my Chad and Sophia site! But they are just rumors, everyone knows it! The people on magazines and all that stuff just want attention! get it?!

u guyz r dumb if u acually belive wat the press has to say

I've just read most of the messages and I'd just like to say to the people who have said this 'he is too good for you' or 'he is too good for all of us put together' OR 'he wouldn't go out with you cuz he's not stupid'
Come on guys that is seriously an ugly horrible comment, yeah they won't get with him and yeah he's famous and hot but one piece of advice from me would be 'never think ur too good for anyone and never think anyone is too good for you' Now let's say Chad wasn't married and he'd met a non famous girl, does that mean he'd be stupid to be with her? Or that he's too good for them? being famous doesn't make you better than everyone else, just means your richer. Sorry for the rant but they comments really p***** me off.

i think that they shouldnt break up cause r realli cute together anywayz........ heya everybody lol ;)

I ssssssoooooo agree Chad shud b with sum1 like hilary duff !!!!! and nobody shud care bout' the age difference ................

just look at catherine zeta jones and her hubby!!!!!!

u son of a bitches you think chad micheal murray is going to leave sophie beush the you might as well suck on the flo whore s you neva gonna get down those pants so kep dreamin mother fuckers

wat is wrong with u sofia and chad shud hav never been 2gether ........

he is way 2 good 4 her !!!!!


The fact that people would be HOPING a marriage would end just makes me sick. To marry someone, you care a lot about them, to go to that much effort even just to propose shows you really care about someone. I have seen them together (yes in real life not on television), they are great together and the rumors that their marriage is over is just that - a rumor.

The fact that people are going to comment "he should be with..." "he's too good for her...". Do you know him? Probably not. If you did you probably wouldn't be praying for their marriage to end. Then how can you determine what is best for someone? You can't. It's not your place to decide. Put yourself in their position, how would it make you feel to hope and pray that your relationship is over. For people that think they are in love with either Chad or Sophia, you obviously don't have any respect for either of them. They are good people, leave them alone.

OMG!!! They cannot break up!!! And those of you saying that Sophia isnt pretty is gay. She is sooo much prettier then alot of people and is much prettier then Hilarie. THEY CANT SPLIT UP! THEY ARE MY FAVORITE COUPLE. i thik that it is just rumors, there are very few pics where they are not kissing. i love chad too but get over it. THEY CANT SPLIT. but think if they do... then the show would be sooo acquward for them! UGH I LOVE THEM TOGETHER... theyll work throught the rumorous fans. they even said "that people are starting to talk bad about their marrage n that.." it cant be true!!!!!!!!!

Its official they have seperated

Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush Split
Monday Sep 26, 2005 7:20pm

Chad Michael Murray, 24, and Sophia Bush, 23, have separated after five months of marriage, PEOPLE has learned.

A spokesperson for Bush confirmed the split, but offered no further details on the relationship between the couple, who star together on One Tree Hill.

"This is a difficult and unfortunate situation," said Bush in a statement. "I am glad this is being resolved sooner rather than later."

"I am saddened to announce that Sophia and I are separating," said Murray. "This is a very difficult time for me."

Murray and Bush exchanged handwritten vows during their wedding on April 16 at Santa Monica's Hotel Casa Del Mar before 200 guests.

The couple got engaged in May 2004 in Australia when Murray popped the question on a tennis court adorned with 20 bouquets of roses and 500 lit candles spelling out a special message for Bush.

"It's a really, really important moment for a woman, so I wanted to do what I could do to make it special," Murray said at the time.

The pair met on the set of their WB show and began dating in 2003.

o my god what is happening they are the cutest
couple ever but if it is not working out wecant do anything about it

sorry for chad! but this is actually kinda good news, coz now he can be mine!! hehehe. i bags him!!

NONONONONO, you cant split.... oh my good....If you trust eathother, then i dont think the rumors is a big problem!!


I love Chad and Sophia together as a couple, please dont ever break up...you to are perfect together. It would be the worst if they broke up. If something happened between you to, then i know that you could work things out. All of your true fans are there to support you guys and are waiting for the rumors to be gone.

i hope this is a lie it cant happen they were perfect and of chad cheateded on sophia bush hes just like them alll this better not be true

dont belive it*************************

No way..i don't believe it..they r the best coupe in the world!!!!

Oh my gosh I feel so bad for Chad. I just want to hug him!

oh shit. they're broken up. i wonder if the oth chemistry with them will still be good?

chad i am so soory i dont know what to say.

no frikkin way? i love those to together. as much as i want cmm, i definitely don't want them to split!

you two are great together.

Hey Chad and sophia do what feels right.. but just remeber marage is a very important thing dont abuse it.. like britany spears:S

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[ #] bubz on Chris Brown Officially a Guest of LAPD After Assaulting Rihanna : hahahaha stupid bitch Rihanna shame give her anoth

[ #] SHANICE on Beyonce Says Jackson Family is Lower Class : MAN HAVING THAT UGLY BITCH OV YOZ CALLED JAY Z DOE


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