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Bam Margera: I Did Not Bam Jessica Simpson

Posted by Fara Kearnes on June 16, 2005 7:58 PM |

Bam Margera picOh mah gawd. Did we ever imagine a Jackass, who would build a skateboard park in his own parents’ living room, would stoop so low as to have his girlfriend make up a story saying the skater had slept with Jessica Simpson??

So it was all a joke, eh? Bam Margera's girlfriend, Jenn Rivell, was supposed to be all pissed off after a [staged] "fight" with Bam, then called up a Philly radio station to announce that the married Jessica Simpson had bammed her Bam -- as well as Johnny Knoxville. Now it’s out that it was all a publicity stunt.

Whoa-hooooo! Not so funny to Star Magazine which ran a pic of Jessica on the cover with the tag: "New Cheating Scandal." Jossip.com is reporting that Bam and Jess weaseled a reported $8,000 out of the mag for the "exclusive" running in this week’s issue. Now Bam is saying that he spent the night at Jessica’ parents house, but with 10 other people, and there was no sex. Ha! So what else did they do? Did Bam show Jessica how to fire pop bottle rockets outta her butt?

Next time, if Bam wants to make some REAL MONEY, he should include papa Joe Simpson in on the scheme. Because you know Joe’s got all the tabloid’s phone numbers on speed dial ...


why would he want to make up a story about that and have his girlfriend in on it? weird.

i'm sorry i think everything that is written there is b-shit. i always knew that bam's show was fake but now i'm begining 2 think that jessica's was too. i belive everything that jenn (bam's ex-girlfriend) said was true!

You guys are idiots! This is a big joke on all yall. The stunt did exactly what he wanted it to do, get him media exposure. He certainly does not need the money, he was a multi- millionare before he reached his twenties. So, get real! We finally have people like Bam or Opie and Anthony on XM 202 that are giving the media what they deserve, a good slap. So, enjoy Bam's unique approach to life, and give Opie and Anthony a listen on XM radio 202.

Its a joke get over it and live your life.

Face it bam fucked the shit out of jessica and thats to bad for nick maybe he just couldnt handle her GO BAM you fucked one of the hottest girls ever

Face it bam fucked the shit out of jessica and thats to bad for nick maybe he just couldnt handle her GO BAM you fucked one of the hottest girls ever

bams hot

he didnt sleep w/ jess
jenn is a jealous liar

I mean, lets be honest here... you really think Jessica went through that whole virginty thing to just go screw some one and cheat on Nick? Highly doubt it. Just get over this whole thing. Bam fucked with the media's head, if anything he made the press look like complete idiots. Plus he is known for pulling pranks on EVERYONE!!! So applause to that one. And thats only to say if Jenn wasnt just jealous that he was spending time with Jessica - ITS JESSICA SIMPSON PEOLE!!! do you blame her? So whatever, its just a hoax.

dudes bam margera dud not f that jessica wutever that jenn is lying its so simple bam margera would not do something like that duhh u probley think that ohh im another bam fan well i am but im more then a fan i think hes the coolest person in the world so if he did it or not i dont care its over and done with give it up jenn u wont break off this fan
Tiffany Rawdon

listen assholes what the fuck is the big deal if bam wants to bang jessica let him do it!!!! if they didnt they didnt if they did they did what is the press or even us is going to do about it??? tell me that one! bam didnt do it for the money the dude a frickin multi- millonarie. and the shit with his father saing he did it would his father phil margera really do that??? jenn was just a frickin jealous liar! thought of that one! its jessica simpson i would be jealous too!! so put that in your pot and cook it!! bitches!! hell yeah i like bam margera!!!

OMG!anybody who thinks that this is all real are immature and need to get over it because all this gossip crap is fake cuss i dont think that Jessica Simpson would actually do that to her husband and just cuss they heard that they accidently fell asleep on the couch people think they had sex.And i bet that her ex wife w/e was jealous and made up a lie just to get back at bam.thats really low. MY point:its all fake people, get over it!

I don't think it was a joke. I think Bam just said that so Jessica wouldn't break up with Nick. It was probably more of a one night stand for him. As stupid as that may be, Bam is soo sexxy I forgive him. Plus he has a new girlfriend who isn't Jenn, though Jenn and him were engaged. His new girlfriend's name is Melissa and it isn't Jessica Simpson or Jenn Rivell. Whatever though.

"I'll do whatever the fuck i want" i guess bam wasn lyin LOL thats why he started the hoax

I think it just a publicity stunt. That's all.
DWI kk?

i am so f'n pissed. i hate jenn and love bam. why would he sink that low, just for 8,000 dollars he could make easily?

Yeah i think it is all just a big lie.Who cares if it happend it could just be a prank!bam is asome and if he did it so what F the media go bam!

I love Bam and I am actually going to meet him one day whether I have 2 sit in Hooters every night for a year or just run into him at a store I actually have a fan mail address that I found on one of his sites but it is wrong so if anybody has a fan mail addy that actually goes to Bam plz email it to me at bamlover1979@hotmail.com Thank you so much


ha bam is freakin sexy !! if he did thats cool on his part but , i thought jessica and nick were suppose to be so in love ?? ha bull shit? you can tell she is a flirt . . and she probably did screw him. .

bam's new girlfriend/fiance is melissa rothstein. her and ba have been dating for a little while now. shes the sweetest person in the world. shes a friend of my family and shes a great match for bam. they havent set a weddding date yet.

bam is not engaged n he does not have a girlfriend he said it himself that he is single on his radio station n plus he said melissa is just a friend because she lives in LA

Jenns just mad cause Bam was hanging out with jessica. im mean really think about Bam could make 8000 anytime he wants. maybe Jenn is lieing i mean she be wanting a little spot light. Bams cool and he wouldnt be shallow as to do something like that

omfg!! are you ppl retarded or something?!?! THE ARTICLE SAYS THAT HE GOT JENN TO MAKE IT UP!! fuck...LEARN TO READ!

u r all retards it dusnt matta wat bam did! hes lesh wateva! nd u shud apreciate tht he ditched tht stoopid gurl! bdw he is dating miriam wiltshire so haha i no that gurl haha !!!!!!!!!!!

I think bam is 1 of da most hottest guys in da whole fuckin world!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares if its true or not he still a cool guy I would luv to meet him 1 day. FUCK U ALL IF YOU'RE GOIN 2 MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

BAM U ROCK!!!!!!! BAM if Jenn lyin about this whole shit u will find even betta chics out there!!!


bam is a fag why would you guys like him his whole show is fake its so obvious. he needs to die.

Oh, my... everyone seems to be getting along...I think ^_^;. Well, anyway...I could care less about what you all think, but this whole Jenn Rivell jealous thing over Bam hanging out with Jessica is just a load of bullshit. I mean, Jessica is a ditz, the true image and essence of a dumb blond. Sure, Bam may had said that she's all sweet and a cool person to hang out with, may be she is, I just don't see how everyone can get so overworked by what possibly could be a hoax or simply the truth. Sure, I admire Bam, really I do-- even so far to the point that I envy him, but that's only because he get's to do the things he does-- but, ever since I heard about the Bam and Jenn sex tape online, I had lost respect for him. I mean, I use to have a lot of respect, but once I heard it, I lost some of it for him. And now when I heard about the Jessica Simpson thing...oh, boy. Look, I don't care if it was true or false, but right there, that is just sinking low. And for fucking God sakes, Jenn and Bam have been engaged for seven years and when they broke up, some of you are saying he's already found some babe and they are engaged?!? Jesus Christ, that sounds like the man can't keep his dick between his legs; he's gotta fuck someone now or it will be the end of the world. I don't know where I'm getting at, I'm just bitching I guess, but to those of you who know I'm not insulting Bam and yourselves (except for the dumbasses that are here) you probably understand where I'm coming from. If not, oh, well. I just wasted a few good minutes of my time then. Heh, heh...but its kinda funny though once I think about the girls who insulted Jenn, calling her a jealous bitch..heh. It makes me wonder if they are the ones who were jealous because Jenn had something that no other girl could have: Bam. Ah, well...like I said before...I'm just bitching. ^^

ill d what ever i want little dick holes

Bam is friggin hot, so all you haters shut up!!


I have to say that if bam wanted to have sex with jessica simpson let him and all you that think other wise should shut the f**k up becaus that is his shit to worry about not yours

I LOVE BAM MARGERA!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD F**K HIM TOO!!!!!!!!!



I WOULD F*** HIM TO !!!!!!!!1111

i dont give a shit about the whole fuckin thing who cares.. but 4 all u ppl who think bam is sexy yur wrong.. havent u ever looked at his friend brandon dicomillo?? hes the one thats fuckin sexy

Wow. This is crayzee! Have any of you actually thought about it? he's BAM MARGERA!!!!! why would he pull a publicity stunt like this? and he's not like that. he wouldn't just go and have sex with a married woman! once again, he's BAM. think about it.

Jessica is a hoe and all she wants is to f*** guys cuz nick is hardley there! and i HATE her stupid video how much of a hoe can you get!. Bam is gross how can he sleep with the nastiest hoe in the world!!!!ive seen hookers better looking then her stupid ass she cant dance she trys to "pop it" but she cant shes a stupid bitch!!!!!

Yo i love jessica and bam and i don't think they had sex. First off jessica did hold her virginity (the goddess she is) and u know she loves nick too much. second bam doesn't need that 8000 when he's spendin like 25 thou. everyday. no duh that didn't happen and i don't even know what to say about jenn. so i say two points to bam for creatin a scandal and fuckin with publicity brains, cuz something obviously worked for us to all be writing here.bam rox and so does jessica, sexy ass she is. i dig that video and i'm a straight chick

lmao. Most of you are hilarious on here. I just came upon this randomly, but my god, some of you are just plain stubborn. Bam is human. He CAN do things like this... either pranking the whole world for 8000 buckaroos or banging Jessica Simpson.

I agree whole heartedly with "Angel" on this subject. I used to respect both Bam and Jessica (her in some weird-ass way, but it was stil respect), but no matter the reason for this "scandel" or the truth about it... It's kind of disheartening to see one of my old favorite idols even be put in the tabloids with something like this. On purpose, or not, doesn't matter.

And with Jenn, she sounded sincere... if not a bit over-enthusiatic. So, eh. I think most of you just want to believe what you want while others are actually thinking how both Jess and Bam are HUMAN. Not gods. They do things too, and you all don't know them personally to say things like "Oh, I -know- s/he would never do things like that...!" What you see on the TV isn't knowing them. They show what they want. Sheesh.


ok peeps i think Bam and Jenn decided to quit seeing each other so they both set up a stunt so they could quit seeing each other.

yea ok you people need to get lives instead of posting this shit!! if he has a new gf GOOD FOR HIM!!!! FUCK

"bam has cheated on me with many other girls... atleast more then 25"
- jenn rivell

well if that is true what is the big deal now . you didn't have a problem before why now ?

bam probably fucked andso what if he did its just another stpid fucking celbrity thing that you hear about just like if you were a male celebrity and you went and fucked jessica you would be in pretty much the same position basically all im trying to say is this thing happens all the fuckin time in the non celeb world and no one cares its just something for news fucks to make a big thing out of and anyway who wouldnt fuck jessica simpson

ok just to let all of u guys know i agree with most and disagree with some.
first bams not gay he just hugs and slaps his friends asses don't mean his gay hes just fucking around ok.
second the whole thing about bam and jessica is just a rumor going around he didn't fuck her. and yes he has a new girlfriend named melissa. so the ones that disagree with me r of course the bull shitters. ya wanna know how i know all this its because im talking to him thro hi5 email ok and don't think im liying because i wouldn't lie about bam margera because hes fucking hott. also im not a big fan of jessica simpson but i know enough that she wouldn't fuck bam for the hell of it ok

Ah...first off, I would like to say that anything written in Star Magazine is fake. They have been targeting Jessica Simpson for a few months now. I've been following her supposed cheating scandall with Nick for the fun of it; none of it is real.

Second, Bam has been hanging out with Jessica. Why? I'm going to guess that he is friends with Knoxville, who starred in Dukes of Hazzard with Jessica. Perhaps Knoxville had been invited to celebrate the movie by Jessica, and brought Bam along.

Third, Bam was a millionare before he was twenty. Why would he need to do something like this for money? There isn't a reason. He doesn't need publicity either; and I'm not sure he wants it either.

i think bam is so hot and for the person who thinks brandon dicimillo is sexy ur fucked up in the head brandon d is a fugly mole rat
And also for all you peeps who keep saying that they dont give a fuck about it and that we need to get lives, if you dont give a fuck about it then why bother come in here and read it ur the ones who need to get lives

Hi Brandon I just wanted to let You know I believe you!The band HIM fucking kicks ass!!!

i feel stupid asking this...but did jenn and bam brake up? i hope they did i hate jenn so much!!!!!!! she can g2h when she dies

oh.... Bam..... No..... Why would he stoop Jessica Simpson? HE HAS JENN RIVELL!!!!!! i would kill to have her as my girlfriend.... i would NOT want Jessica Simpson..... come on..... she probably would have put a condom on Bams nose

lmfao. didnt bam say on some radio show he wasnt seeing ANYONE? i love how people cant fucking understand shit that is SAID by a person, and continue to believe RUMORS and bullshit.

Jesus, does bam have a girlfriend or not???
this whole Jessica Simpson thing is a piece of bullshit who cares what he did or didn't do with her he is still HOT!!
People are saying that he is single and others are saying he is getting married...which one is it???

ok this is the stupidest thing!!! bam is the hottest guy on earth. who cares what he did...i dont. screw his gf. he can do better than jass and her.

BAM IS HOT and it waz all a big joke he so didnt have sex with jessica and that is final jen is a biatch and she should get ova it
bam i love u lets get married:)

hu cares wot u mother fukers think bam can do wot he wants wen he wants and no1 elseshud give a shit. its up2 him wot he does cos its his fukin mazin life.

my bro loves bam 2 bam is his total role-model and all the guys out there dont hav a go bout bam bashin j.s cos i bet u wish that u were bam.

luvz u bam tiffani xxx p.s email me bk cos i luv u

who cares you all know that jessica wouldnt do that so its all bullshit

I dont give a shit either way!

Bams still the hottest guy on the planet!

Yo Bams hot and Jenn can't get over it.She's just a liaring bitch .she wants everyone to hate Bam yeah like that's going to happen

I fogot to say that i love u Bam soooooooo much and u should do more episodes of viva la Bam and jackass with Knoxville.p.s. u r so fit to

i dont think bam would do somting like that witch somone like hrer she is a big hor and slute

Who cares if Bam did sleep with Jess. She's fucking amazing. Bam fuckin rules

Myself and Charlsy were # 26 and # 27. We both did Bam.

i think bam is well fit hu cares if he did sleep wif jess?!?!?! i dnt ! it's his life and he can do wot eva h wants ! bam u fuckin rock !

Look its me Bam Margera you people can say whaever you want i did fuck jessica and ill do it again anyway Jenn is a real bitch and ugly too i just wanted her for her huge boobs so just get over it! i like jessica and ill have sex with her again

U ppl are idiots. It was a pubilcity stunt to keep him in the spotlight after VLB. As for if he is single, he's with Melissa 'Missy' Rothstien. He was with a different Melissa before that but since she lives in LA he broke it off with her to go with Missy, who lives in Westchester. Jenn's just a jealous bitch. If you want more on this topic, there's alot of threads about it on his message board on www.bamargera.com

hey im from westchester and i met bam!!!i was in a bar w/friends and bam comes walking in!!i go up to him and say i know you i watch your show all the time.so he says kool.want to come sit with me and my friends i said sure of course.so i was sittin next to him and he said you want a drink?i said ok.he got me a drink and i dranked it all in 5 mins!!he go's shit thats fast!i said i know.so we kept drinking and drinking.next thing you know i was at his castle sleeping in his bed!!i did not know what happened.bye!!

I don't know what side of the story is true but jessica simpson has only had sex when she got married to her husband.Someone said that the only reason jenn said that thing about bam and jess is because bam dummped her but i don't know why she said it about jess and jonny haveing sex.Anyways i don't even like jenn she is BITCH and a SULT well thats what i think some people might think i'm right. Oh and 1 more thing i'm not sicking up 4 bam because i think he is FIT i'm sicking up 4 jessica because i know she wouldn't do anythink like that. I don't think bam is her type and jess isn't bams type

okay bam is so sweet he does all these kick ass flips with the board and i love him so much wow bam is so sexi more sexier than all u bitches that hate on him

hey jessica
YOU look so hot
are you married?
I WISH you had sex with me lol UST KIDDING
im ust saying that you look hot

I stumbled across this stupid blog this evening. I work with Bam, I am an agent, I wont say who, or what I do, (you might see me in the background while they are filming). Anyway, some of these post are really stupid. Carrying on sentence fragments and mispelling words...geesh.
"I luv Bam so you bytches can just fug off, jenn is just jealous, so get over it, Bam is hott"
Truth is this:
Jenn and Bam DID break up, she did get angry, she did call a radio station and tell a bunch of lies about Bam, and included his dad in on it, but Phil had nothing to do with it. After her causing a big stir up, Bam caught wind of it. SO, he gave Jenn a call, payed her to come up with this scheme to say it was a prank with Star, so that it didnt make him out to be the asshole. It was an undisclosed amount of money he gave her, plus the 8000.00 for the article ran. So, it was like she got mad, made up a story, got payed by Bam to cover that story by making up another story.
Bam did not sleep with Jessica. Bam is single, and plans to remain that way. He feels like he has been "tied down" for so long that he just wants to have his freedom for a while.
Does this clear things up for you?

u r all friggen idiots! bam did do it and jessica is a bitch! i dont even know why ppl like her she is so fake! i do love bam but this was the stupidist thing he could ever do!



hey listen up bam is freakin hott if he wanted jess let him jenn needs 2 get over it ifg he did even though i doubt it y would he do that for 8,00 bucks hes a millionare so it is in the past it was a prank duh he on a show playing pranks on every1 so GET OVER IT JENN!!!

bam lover 4lif

I guess I wasn't a big Bam fan, or Jessica Simpson fan, because I never even knew about the scandal. But if they weren't on MTV and every three commercials on tv, would anyone even know to care? I cheated on my boyfriend of 5 years. With his best friend. We havent told him yet, 2 years later. Will you all please talk about me?

yee''''haa bam not only a soil man heez a pimp

u ppl r idiots......tha whole thingz a scam!
Bam is so hot who wouln't want to root him?! jen...she needs to stop bn so jealous and jess is gawgeous

fuk ur all dum if bam fuked jess thats a good thing he should fuk jenn and jess at the same time. who reallly knows wuts happing between them... bam does so wut he sayz goes.

bam is awsome and so is jenn. but whoever thinks he really fuked jess is prob. wrong. jenn is hot and so is jess but shes no one whoever really cares about this can all go to hell. hahahahaha suk on that.

so wot if he fucked her it's not our business !

Well i dont believe that he did. But so what if he did its his love life not ours i mean wouldnt you get tired if all you had was Jenn Rivel? wouldnt you get bored? Well yeah he cheated on her with alot of girls so what better than Jenn Rivel

bam margera is still goin out with jenn u idiots!!!! i hav everyseason.... and i no jenn is still bams gf..theres a whole new season kumin out and jenn is in it..and he says that his gf is gunna b in more episodes for the new season (but i hate her with a passion!) bam is to hot for her...

ok listen all you people that are obsessed with bam hes a normal person just like you and me with greater skills than you could imagine and if you guys are gonna stoop so low as to getting into his love life its rediclous...... he doesnt know any of you and prolly wont. If hes still dating Jenn er something like that so be it let him and if you hate her for it so what. If Bam really is dating her its for a reason he obviously see's something in her worth his time....... now he has alot of things going for him and he doesnt need to be bashed and neither does anybody else.... i mean yea he's attractive and all but that doesnt mean you go all crazy about it. I dont personally know Jenn or Bam and prolly wont and im not crushed about because i dont have my head in the clouds all the time. I mean yea it would be nice to meet him because hes someone with alot of talent and can keep his head on shoulders but it hasnt happened yet and i doubt if it will so if you feel like emailing me and telling me how much you hate me because what i just said above is true and you and i both know it is feel free my email address is nonamecf03@hotmail.com im wont get upset but all of you will prolly not meet him anyways.... and if you do good for you seriously but it prolly wont happen.

I agree with the women's statment above me. You shouldnt medle in his love life. Yea he is a multi millionair and has a well known face but how well do you know him? Im guessing not well at all. I know he's admired and adored but so am i. People obbsess over me too but i dont pay attention to the obsessors i ignore them the most. I dont know how he feels about all this publicity but if i were him(which im not)i wouldnt want all of you to be talking about it on a website. I think its childish and unamusing. I dont know what goes on in your little minds but what happens to Bam is not any of your buisness. so instead of bashing bam or jessica or Jenn give bam a compliment. No one likes others who talk shit..... as for the women above me you greatly stated everything word for word. Better than i could have. BRAVO!

This is such an old topic... come on people please move on... they have.

all you fuck head need 2 listen 2 yourselfs all i hear on these sites "why bam did this do that" you guys talk like you know him you people fuken wank over him let him do what ever the fuck he wants its his life not yours

Dude, why are you all bitching Bam might have fucked jessica and you all know you would to. fiance or not

hey yall its bam's bizzness if he wants to do that then let him yall are lame ug uys must have nothing better to do than bash on bam and jessica i have a life yeah i do like bam but im not going hog wild for him he seems like a cool guy so lay off ITS HIS LIFE HIM LIVE IT DAMN PPL LEARN TO ACCEPT THE FACT THAT BAM IS HIS OWN PERSON HE IS NOT URS DEAL WITH IT

dude fucking drp the whole situation i fucking hate all of you...... you need to back off and leave him alone........


lets be honest jessica simpson is a total bonde she will screw around with the media to make brandon cole aka (bam margera)look bad

bam margera would never screw with the media and why would he sleep with jessica simpson eew i am sorry but eww bams a pro skater and a stunt man and with that he has no time to screw with the media or jessica simpson

all the web pages i been to some people make bam look like the bam guy and they make it sound like bams so fuck'in ulgy but he's th cutes guy to walk this earth

bams crew are cute to they wouldn't screw with the media they are to busy pullin pranks on vito poor guy

just chill everyone...we all know nick wasent satisfieing her...thats where my man bam came in..and like it matters if he did or not anyway...what are any of your opinions going to matter

u all are fuckin GAY do u think for one fuckin min that bam would fuck around wit that UGLY NASTY DUMB BITCH? no i think he wouldnt touch her fuck bams g/f to cuz she is the DUMB ass BITCH that fuckin said this shit!!!

Bam is hot! Ans he DID NOT bang jessica.. but still.. shes a fucking slut

hey hey
look yeah yeah thats all a joke.but lets just say
that bam's a fuckin idiot/smart.see he banged a hot chick yeah so wat.but now i think his image has gone down cause he went from cool rocker chik to fuckin ditsy ass blonde who doesnt really get bams image, just hers.so if it was true then well bams a fuckin tard.

c yeah(from a true,yet destrbed fan of bam's)

bam i think that stupid what you did and you lost your girlfriend. that so sad for poor Jenn :(

well i heard bam has a newgirlfriend name "Mandy"
good luck w/ her bam

luv u bam!!

so is it true that bam and jen broke up cause right now after reading this thing im realy confused every one is saying bam had broke off the engagedment to jen and is now going out with a girl named mellissa so wats up with this gay scandal he says he was hanging out with her at her house not fucking her so they hould just stop talking about ti and making every one believe it any ways bam wouldnt go out wit jessica there not that much alike not saying she isnt cool cause she is but if he did break up wit jen a girl skater and a total rocker chic then why would he dump her to go out with jessica simpson a pop preppy girl not having anything against preppy girls cause im alittle preppy i wear american eagle and still love watching my best friends skate board and i love to get dirty lol not that way well love ya

hey ppl
listen up it doen't really matter if he slept with the blonde bimbo jessica simpson its his life and he can do wot eva he wants sooo please get over it.and i think that jenn did make a bunch of lies up cos she wis mad with bam.no matter wot he does am still gonna be a fan!!SO ROCK ON BAM!!LOLxxxxx

you people can't even spell so give this up an go back to school

Bams Hot.Jenns Gone.We Can All Be Happy.Now Have A Nice Cup Of Shut The Fuck Up About This Whole Thing.PLEASE!!

To let you all know that i slept with Bam... Na not really but i would if he asked me to lol. Ive watched every epasode of Viva La Bam and all of the Jackass Volumes and they all rock ass. Bam is a stunner and he is crash hottness!!!

I don't think it's true.....why would Bam sleep with a stupid blonde anyway.....idk but Bam is way to good for Jessica. To bad though that she no longer has Nick around. oh well to bad!!! lol..

BAM IS SO HOTT!!!!!!!!!! VIVA LA BAM RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IF SO SEND IT TO snorksta05@hotmail.com

I dont know what any of ya'll are talking about . Bam might have his bad side, face it we all do. Just like any of us , he can act like an ass sometimes . But I know for a fact , he did not sleep with Jessica Simpson . She is so not his type .


Yo bam!! I don't know what to think because you should post a comment yourself and tell all these people the real story so they ain't getting the stories twisted. At least prove to all these people what really happened. I'm just hoping that it ain't true. Love Kayann.

Hey wuz ^,
I think Bam did not do Jessica If he did he broke off her's and nick marriage......(lol).
But if he done that he got rid of that crazy thing he had with him Jenn.Jenn you were to old for bam but everybody say's you have a body of a 20 year old.Bam you done the right thing just to get rid of jenn.I LUV YOU BAM!!!! Almost everybody does I wish I could Met You Good luck with Missy I hope you to have a good life together. I LUV YOU!!! I also luv your show's witch ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bam I think these people are crazy. They don't even know the real story. There just hating on Jenn because they don't even lnow her.

Yo you fucken waste of time losers. You probably don't even know the real story I'm telling you. Ask anybody if they know the real story because they will just bullshit to you and try and stick up for that bitch Jessica. So that's why I think that he should write something

Bam is the hottest s8r boi eva if yall agree visit mi site

Bam Margera is the best Skater around. He'll go down in history!!!!!

I think that Bam Should'n have a g/f cuz the only girl right enough for him is ME. and jessica simpson is a queer, a hoe, and a nasty women so she needs to get over herself and find a REAL man!! No wonder Nick DUMPED her!!!

Yeah I would have to say for myself that Jessica isn't A woman at all. I would have to say that half of these people are right and half of them are wrong, because Bam probably did bang Jessica but she ain't really nothing to look at. She ain't nothing but a little ass Slut!!

ok well number 1...Bam wasn't even going out with Jenn...they broke up a LONG time ago...he is now getting married to a girl he has known sence the 6th grade...her name is Missy Rothstein...
Number 2...Jenn just said that to get bak at Bam for leaving her when they were planing on getting married...i really don'r think that Missy is Pritty at all... but whatever...i no all this stuff b/c i am in love with bam...lol!! no really i am!!


its amazing how i just stumbled on this news, jesus i used to be a fan until i grew a little bit more mature and realised that bam margera is the biggest FAGGOTT EVER!of course he cheated on her , sorry jen , really do have major respect for you even to stay with him as long as you did. he needs to grow up and realise when people look back on what he did that he was really just a fucking retarded dumb fuck that never probably graduated from high school, i love cky but bam seriously cop on! and as for the perfect example for dumb american peroxide blonde bimbos like jessica, well no one likes her show, her dumb face, her shit music and of course her , and dont go blaming the press for all of this contrevorsie, ye brought it on your selves when you chose this life.

Okii ..
Om What !! .. like hey this is juss bull like seriously why would bam bang a dirty skank like jessica simpson .. and anyways onm her show she was even to scared to have sex with nick .. so omg this all dosnt make any sence .. like whatever pops into someones head they juss say it omg that drives me .. and Hey Maybe jenn made it up .. * omg i hate jenn anyways shes a frigen moron .. and missy bams girlfriend omg !! shes such a sweetheart .. and dont worrie i aint a lesbian .. but anyways * .. this is all bull whats happeing .. BAM DID NOT SLEEP WITH JESSICA .. AND IF JESSICA SLEPT WITH JOHNNY I DONT CARE BECAUSE HES A FAG ANYWAYS * !!.. /.. well im out because all this is bull shit * .. Buh-bye .. peace out .. And Bamm i love u sooo much like i want to meet u soo bad .. lol bye

gawd who cares ? you guys gotta get out more... who gives a flying fuck if he did or didnt? ...not me i just think he is cool and i dont care about his love k=life

Yeah I'm jealous, He is soooo hot what girl wouldn't want to bam him. he is bamalicious. When I heard this b I so hoped it wasn't true. What is wrong with me?

Jessica no mola :(

dude im back bam hasnt read any of this i told him and he told me to tell all of u to fuck off....I like next door to him...and he said he doesnt care what any of you think...Yes i have posted on this site before yes im back! and i showed him what i wrote and he says im the only one who has a clue...hes not dating jenn he didnt fuck jessica and all that shit hes engaged to be married in feb. so fuck u all get a mother fucking life

Bam if you read this e-mail me I am crazy about you

did missy and bam break up?

umm seriously i still think it's true and yea really it's not made up dumb dumbs ! same with Johnny Knoxville i reckon jessica did. and we all no she'd give a fuk for a buck. shes a ho quite a go" trade mark. and yer i made my point. did i? hmm

Hi Im Emily,

I came across this site,

read some of the blogs

wow some are quite harsh!

i mean i think why do

some of u care bout it so

greatly? its old news aswell

. none of us know him

i bet he is really sweet an

a nice funny person.

id be his mate or more

jenn was lucky to date him

an i think heaps of women

would like the opportunity

whehter his single or not

i wouldnt know. but writin

mean blogs he'll think

geez ....freaky. n forget bout it.. dont u agree,

anyhow im off have great nite.

yo bam my names jake me and my friend are making up a movie and we would like to send it to u its a skating one so please tell us were to send it.

bam u r so fuckin hott plz email me

heyy bam do u no tony hawk and are u better at skate boarding then him


ok for one jenn is a fuckin slut. cant keep her big ass mouth shut. Bam didnt do shit with jessica. And yes bam is married to a girl named missy rothstein or something like that. so fuck that shit about jessica it's a friken biotchy whore!

im jess and im soooooooooooooooooooo obsets with bam hes so daym sexi like i cant live with out him . did he really cheat on his girlfriend!

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