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Find Out Why Bam Margera is Motivated

Posted by Fara Kearnes on June 28, 2005 6:56 PM |

Bam Margera picUltimate slacker and former Jackass, Bam Margera, is one hard working dude even if he doesn't want you to know it. Aside from hanging out in Fiji and Greece with Tony Hawk, wanting to fix the ghetto moon-roof that Billy Idol sawed into his Lamborghini, and denying that he slept with Jessica Simpson, Bam says life is good -- even if he really never has time to enjoy his castle in the hills.

"Yeah, my life is pretty awesome now, I know it. But I'm always motivated, which I think has a lot to do with the music and skateboarding and all the friends around me. We all get motivated to do things, and to get Cradle of Filth to play out here is just a phone call like, 'Dude can you play or not?' It can be that simple, and we take advantage of it. And I wouldn't have it any other way."

Read the article at mtv.com and visit his website at bamargera.com.


hey i think bam is better off without jenn rivell
she's a slut, as if she didnt sleep with any of his friends, she's always flashing her tits n ass (body) at them as if she wouldnt off,
bam i love u get on with ur life find some1 better

hey bam margera is so better off without that tramp! all she does is give him a hard time! Bam, you don't need her your really better off!

i agree i dont like her. she seems like a total slut

I agree that stupid slut is a lier and he is way better off. He has the best life i mean he gets paid to skate and paid to do stupid crap on his show viva la bam. what more can he get.

I did move on with my life and now I am dating Melissa but I don't think it will last that long


I agree with all of you... Bam should not be with that stupid bitch....it seems to me that she does not even support what he does. plus he could do SOOO much better then her by far!!!

Ok, I finally found sum ppl who agrees w/me about that 2 cent doorknob!!! My friend thinks she was the best thing that happend 2 him!!! Im like " R u fuckin sic in your head!!!, Shes a whore! did u not hear wut she said bout him and jess?!" dont get me wrong, Jess. is very pretty & I wouldnt blame u if u even wanted to "do" her. But im not a lessy, so let me stop. So yea, u r a hell of a lot better off w/o her! Call me if u need a new gf! lol!

Yo, Bam I'm Glad your over it. Well Hopefully. Don't Worry about her. She might have been using you anyways. How long were you guys toghter 6 years? Long Time. Well I Just Wanna Let You Know That YOU ARE THE COOLEST GUY ON PLANET EARTH! It Must Fell Nice To Have People Say That About You. Hey Some Friends, And I Are Making Some Videos Almost Like Cky And Jackass Mixed Togther, Maybe You Can Help Somehow??.. That Will Be Cool, If You Were In It Also I Could Easly Get It Out On DVD! Making Our Video Called "Crazed" Involves 3CCD Cameras, And Editing! YOUR FAVORITE!! So Gimme A Holler. O Yea Im Also Moving To West Chester Soon, Beacause You Inspired Me, That It Is A Cool Place! E-Mail Me If You Ever Get A Chance: cKy2kDuHast@yahoo.com TTYL

Jenn Rivell is hot bang that ass any day

hi u guy leave him alone bam loves her and she only does stuf he tells her to do this ville valo and i know jen and i know she'd never do owt lik tht so leave them alone there gettin married

Hey bam- i think that you shoudlnt listen to all these people, most of them have never even met you so they cant judge. Im a big fan of yours but im not going to go off and assume shit. By the way what color purple is in your house?

bam you need to leave that slut

heyy Bam don't listen to them if ya love the girl then you should stay with her and love her and it will turn out good at the end or bad it doesn't mater where it ends so just do what you are doing because you are awsome being you
BAM YOU ROCK!!! lol and you like the best bands like HIM they totally rock YA!!! lol

Bam is the coolest & I am a big fan of him & what he does (skate & do crazy shit).
I don't know Jenn nor do I know Bam so I won't judge either. But from what I have heard, what Jenn did was pretty bitchy. They were together for like 7 years though so she must have been doing something right ;)
Bam, if your reading this, look me up if you ever come to australia!

Hey am...u rock my world so much and r u and jenn completely over?....u r the most attractive,bad ass guy i have ever seen and i luv it!!!....if u ever come to australia email me,i would luv to meet u!!..
bye bye xoxoxoxox

hey bam,
You are so kool the way you are!!Just make sure you stay away from that jenn.she's a slut!!Just listen to me, i am your biggest fan.Hon,i love u but just stay away from her.Go with missy.She sounds pretty and sweet.visit me sometime at rochester N.Y.!!love ya

bam is now goin out with melissa..who is one of my moms friends

hey i think the same he is better of w/o the tramp! i hate her she is a huge slut and you are really hot and i mean that and im 13 yrs old w/b to me

OMG bam u so dnt need her! missy is great shes cute n seems b a gr8 chik.....BUT i thnk u shud b wiv me coz im a bad ass gurl just lyk u n ur boys! all ov yas r hot...needa see more pix ov u n johnny knoxville...hottest ive seen this yr u 2 r! anyways send me a e-mail...even if its just a HI but let me no if ur gunna be at tha H.I.M. concert in Melbourne,Australia ok? please it would make mi day wen i get an e-mail from u n it would shut mi frends up 4 a long tym! hahaha please

Love ya eaps
Sara xoxox

hey bam i really like your shows but the 1 thing i want 2 say is if it is true what jenn said on that radio station that viva la bam and jackass is fake i don't think it is i have lots of things from u i have your movies a poster and the jackass movie and box set of course i only watch it cuz your on it. but i think u can do better + your 2 hot 4 her but it is your choice. if u have the chance email me.

bam the only reason i started skating is beacuse of you i love your show viva la bam i hope you still skate and i hate don vito and i love the way you mess with his cars

ps. i hope you make a new series of viva la bam and put it on mtv and hope you get more cars eg fararys lambos and hummers

Hey Bam, I was just browsing through some of these shitty e-mails and half of these people are SICK with jealousy. God, can u believe all the retarded things people say, and they don't even know Jenn? Jenn u are hot and u go girl, everybody wants ur man but only u have him. So all u other fucks can fuck off. I love u Jenn and Bam!!!!! roCK~

hi i just wanted to say hi and dat bam is the greatest and dat he inspired me 2 keep up and never give up and dat (well i think) he is hot and very whoooooo

Bam Margera blows my fat nuts. Bam Margera is a pussy ass motherfucker. His father and uncle are. . .just way too easy to make fun of, so I won't. Lord in Heaven, I wish money could buy class.

jenn was telling the truth i believe her leave her alone

HI people or Bam Margera if you read this !You are the coolest skateboarder EVER (besides-Tony Hawk)! But you rock and e-mail me back please! IF you have time can you call me? My # is 540-448-0303! BYE!

bam a so agree with all of the other girls she is the slutsof all sluts

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