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June 30, 2005

Despite $800 shoes, Sharapova Loses at Wimbledon

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Maria Sharapova went bling-bling to Wimbledon this year, wearing $800 18-carat glitter on her shoes, has been voted the favorite female tennis player of the last 20 years at Wimbledon by a men's mag, she's fashion model tall (6"0"), and she grunts louder than a hippo in heat.

But while the 18-year-old Russian won the Wimbledon crown last year, she was unable to defend it, losing to Venus Williams today in the semis, 7-6 (2), 6-1.

Maria's overwhelming appeal to tennis fans is evident as she received an astonishing 46% of the vote from more than 10,000 readers of weekly men's magazine Zoo. Fellow Russian Anna Kournikova was second with 19% and 1980's star Argentine Gabriela Sabatini received 15%. Another beauty and fan favorite, Daniella Hantuchova of Croatia, and American Serena Williams, were rated forth and fifth respectively.

Paul Merrill, Zoo Editor, said: "Whereas Anna Kournikova had the looks but no game, Maria Sharapova has the lot. Not only is she the current Wimbledon Champion, but she has the looks and figure of a supermodel."

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Joss Stone Tells Jack Osbourne to Take a Hike

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British soul singer Joss Stone was apparently approached by Jack Osbourne at the recent Glastonbury festival, and told "You are going to be my next girlfriend, Joss."

Joss Stone pic Jack Osbourne pic

Not so fast there, young Jack Sabbath. Your lustful wish wasn't to her liking. Britain's Daily Star newspaper quoted a source describing the incident: "Jack was desperate to pull her and he was making no secret of it at all. Joss turned around and said she has a boyfriend and that Jack should leave her alone. Jack ignored her and continued to tell his friends that he will get her. He was ever saying that he'll be happy to share her with her boyfriend."
, Joss is crazy about her boyfriend and manager, Beau Dozier, and says she is planning to have at least five kids with him, so the idea of being "shared" doesn't appeal to her.

Jack, who has managed to hook up with quite a few beautiful girls thanks to his father's name and wealth (and that was before he lost a ton of weight!), wasn't taking no for an answer and refused to leave the very hot Joss alone. The source said: "Jack would have stayed there all night if his friends hadn't pulled him away."

I wonder if the big fat obnoxious offspring will remember this incident in that famous book he's not going to write? News reports have it that Jack, just 19, is considering axing his planned autobiography, because he can't remember much about his short life. "I want to make the book as real as possible, but I can't remember a thing." Will he remember this?

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Get Hitched. Baby on the Way

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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck picUS Weekly and The National Enquirer are both reporting Exclusive news today about Ben and Jen getting hitched and expecting a baby:

"Ben Affleck, 32, and Jennifer Garner, 33, were married late yesterday at the Parrot Cay resort on the South Atlantic tropical island nation of Turks and Caicos. The couple, who are expecting their first child this fall, have been dating since last year. They co-starred together on the film Daredevil in 2002. Garner, the star of the ABC spy drama Alias, has been shooting the drama Catch and Release in Vancouver. Her Aias co-star Victor Garber attended the wedding, sources tell Us. Garner's first marriage, to actor Scott Foley, ended in divorce in 2003. Affleck and Jennifer Lopez called off their highly-publicized engagement in January 2004. Garner's rep could not be reached. Affleck's had no comment."

More from The National Enquirer.

Well, good for them... I'm not a big Ben fan, but Jennifer is pretty cool, and he does seem more natural with this Jen than he did with the other one.

June 29, 2005

Bad Behavior by David Hasselhoff and Other Celebrities

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David HasselhoffFormer "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff made a very bad impression on another diver in Hawaii who wrote about his encounter with the actor:

"Still living his Baywatch days, David doesn't seem to realize that he is the brunt of many jokes here in the islands. The guy is a fish out of water and obviously has never felt the need to give back to the aqueous bounty that has made his ego."

"While snorkeling I was appalled to see him stumbling over the coral the whole time like a giant underwater King Kong, decimating entire mini-ecosytems with the seizure-like movements in his lower extremities. Later, I heard him complaining loudly that he saw only one fish, despite the fact that experts have identified over 350 different species at the location." (Perhaps he smashed them all and only happened to noticed the one that got away.)

"He did this in front of the next group of divers. This is now fucking with the livlihood of the dive guide. I also watched him trying to get out of paying for the $10 wetsuit rentals... and he did not tip any of the crew. LAME-O."

Read a ton of other stories by service employees who have encountered TV, film, and sports celebrities at bitterwaitress.com.

Can You Believe These People Are Really Musicians?

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Not all musicians are cool. Check out some of the fugliest album covers ever created!


The Kaballah Kraze: Bracelets, Bottled Water and Madonna

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Kaballah leaders have claimed their Kabbalah Water can do everything from cleansing the poisoned lakes of Chernobyl to curing cancer.

And another product, their $26 Red String bracelet, is supposed to deflect "envious stares and looks of ill will." Neither one, however, will turn a faux English accent into a real one. (Sorry Madonna)

In a well-done 4-part series on Kaballah over at radaronline.com called "The Kaballah Chronicles," they turn the spotlight on the cult's focus on celebrity, philanthropy, and merchandising, and how it all brings in millions of dollars every year for its leaders who live in mansions and fly in private Lear Jets.

It's a ton of moolah and not just limited to red string bracelets and holy water.

Britney Spears Looks Uncomfortable

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 7:21 PM | | Comments ( 4 )

Yeah, it's hot in Southern California. It's summer. It's June. It's like, 98 degrees out, and Britney Spears wants to go out wearing a short top, ya'll know 'cuz, like, it's so damn hot out!

Speaking of hot, cowboy boots are hot and uncomfortable, and they make your feet sweat. NOT to mention that the boots don't even go with the rest of the outfit ... which sucks too. That's gotta be uncomfortable walking around holding your shirt closed and trying to keep the puppies from popping out. Good God.

Britney Spears picture

June 28, 2005

Find Out Why Bam Margera is Motivated

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 6:56 PM | | Comments ( 28 )

Bam Margera picUltimate slacker and former Jackass, Bam Margera, is one hard working dude even if he doesn't want you to know it. Aside from hanging out in Fiji and Greece with Tony Hawk, wanting to fix the ghetto moon-roof that Billy Idol sawed into his Lamborghini, and denying that he slept with Jessica Simpson, Bam says life is good -- even if he really never has time to enjoy his castle in the hills.

"Yeah, my life is pretty awesome now, I know it. But I'm always motivated, which I think has a lot to do with the music and skateboarding and all the friends around me. We all get motivated to do things, and to get Cradle of Filth to play out here is just a phone call like, 'Dude can you play or not?' It can be that simple, and we take advantage of it. And I wouldn't have it any other way."

Read the article at mtv.com and visit his website at bamargera.com.

Jessica Alba is Very Visible in Fantastic Four

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 3:59 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

Jessica Alba picFantastic Jessica Alba has yet another film coming out this summer, her third this year, and she's blonde in all of them. In "Fantastic Four" which will be out on July 7, she plays Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl. Fortunately for her fans, she's not "invisible" very often in the movie.

And Jess dropped a hint that there may be a series of "F4" if this is a hit. She recently talked to London's The Daily Telegraph with her male co-stars, and what's interesting is that themercury.com picked up on the fact that Jess may have revealed that this movie, if successful, will be the first movie in a trilogy and that the cast can be expected to be doing superhero work for the next 12 years. Said Jess: "From the first day of pre-production to the last day they can release the third film is 12 years max."
, She is also promoting the new movie in a great interview with Rolling Stone magazine in the June 30, 2005, issue. In it, she says that she hopes to model her career after actresses such as Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn, and that she wants to be cast in female roles that don't involve "wearing a fucking bathing suit or chaps... I look forward to the day when I can do a small movie and act."

"I don't need to be famous," she adds. "I'm not that ambitious. At this point, if I'm not sucked in, I'm never going to get sucked in. Being the so-called hot girl, I disconnect from that. It's not that deep."

Watch the movie trailer and get other cast info at Fantastic Four

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Women Want Jessica Simpson Hair. Men Want "Daisy Duke"

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Jessica Simpson picture
Former "Newlyweds" star Jessica Simpson has the hair most women want according to a poll conducted by In Touch magazine. Most men, however, may just prefer to check out the Jessica article in the July 2005 issue of GQ magazine.

The 24-year-old singer's hairstyle beat out the Jennifer Aniston look, while Jessica Alba is in third place for favorite hair. Also placing in the top ten are Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, and Nicole Richie.

Meanwhile, thebosh.com is reporting that the Daisy Duke hottie will be re-filming her music video for her upcoming "Dukes of Hazzard" movie after Christian groups complained the preacher's daughter looked waaaaaay too slutty in it., Simpson, 24, who is the "it" girl this summer, has landed the coveted spot on the cover of the men's mag, GQ (photo). For Jessica fans who will want to rush out and nab a copy of the magazine, here's a sample from the article by Chris Norris:

"Even now, as she looks over the barbecue take-out containers scattered around her, Simpson's face seems to bear traces of some existential malaise. "Why do I feel such paradoxical loneliness?" she might be thinking. "How can the Self truly breach the Void?" Finally, she breaks through.

"Where's a napkin?" Simpson says, holding out sauce-smeared fingers. "This stuff'll smell like chicken fart."

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