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Uchenna & Joyce Winners of The Amazing Race 7

Posted by Fara Kearnes on May 11, 2005 4:38 PM |

They overcame a handicap of no money, no clothes, a flat tire on their taxi, and starting in last place, but married couple Uchenna & Joyce came from behind to win The Amazing Race and the $1 million prize.

Engaged couple Rob & Amber came in second while a wrong turn ("Turn left" "Left?" "Ron! I said right!" "No, you said left." "No I didn’t!") heading to the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, left Ron & Kelly in their dust. The bickering couple were forced to take a later flight to Miami and were basically out of the race at that point.

To recap:

The teams left London and flew to Kingston, Jamaica, where all three remaining teams were bunched up on the same flight. Kelly took the wait time at the airport to have a crying jag, telling Ron that she loves him. If she’d back off a little and give him some time to grow up, they could have a marriage in their future but not if she wants to be in control of the relationship all the time. Makes for great TV though. This kind of stuff is why AR draws so many viewers: it’s a live soap opera starring real people.

Landing in Jamaica, they teams hit their first roadblock at Frenchman’s Cove where one of the team members was required to participate in a traditional Jamaican party game: Dance the limbo. Kelly and Amber were able to go the lowest and snag the first morning departure times of 8:15, while the older Joyce managed to score an 8:30 time for she and her husband.

The next day, the teams set off for the next detour, a choice between raft it or build it. All chose to build the bamboo rafts and this provided some more stress for Ron and Kelly. He snapped at her: “The last time I built one of these things was like, oh, never, so relax.? Uchenna and Rob finished up quickly and headed for the clue box across the river. The teams them headed for the pit stop, 80 miles away at Montego Bay.

A brief moment of panic ensued when Rob & Amber were pulled over at a police checkpoint and the other teams past them. Ron & Kelly expected to finish in last place, but were surprised when their cab passed Uchenna & Joyce on the road, then narrowly beat Rob & Amber in a foot race to the mat. The married couple had yet another shock when their cab had a flat tire. They came in last but were forced to turn over all their money and possessions before the could continue the race.

Rob & Amber

The second hour of the two-part special began with the teams picking up 50 onions, then take them to a restaurant to chop them up to get the next clue. Leaving last and with no money in the middle of nowhere, Uchenna & Joyce finally managed to get a ride to take them to the airport where they had a better opportunity of bumming money. But it was 3 in the morning and there were very few people around, forcing them to be hours behind the other two teams. Finally they managed to collect enough money to get to the restaurant, while the others had already gone on to the Detour stop at Rose Hall Plantation.

The Detour was a choice between Pony Up or Tee it up. Pony up required them to go horseback swimming and go around bouys. Everyone chose the golf instead. All team members were required to change into golf clothes then drive a golf ball 132 yards to a small 16-foot green. Rob landed a winner, as did Kelly for her team. They opened their clues and were off to the airport again, for their next destination: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Rob & Amber scored a flight that was 3 hours ahead of Ron & Kelly, and 7 hours ahead of Uchenna & Joyce. But as usual with AR, the teams arrived to find the site they needed didn’t open until 7:30 the next morning. Uchenna & Joyce were allowed to catch up again.

The three teams opened their clues the next day to find the final roadblock: A Plunge! One team member must jump off a 30-foot bridge and swim 90 yards to a buoy to get the clue. Then a boat would take them back to shore.

For some reason, Rob & Amber had a "Gretchen & Merideth moment" and got lost -- with the bridge right in front of them! Their confusion put them in last place as Uchenna & Ron did the task quickly. (Have you noticed that there are more team members on this race who have swimming skills? In the past, swimming tasks were a real obstacle to some teams. Tsk. Tsk. Everyone should learn to swim.) The teams were then headed to Miami, Florida, the final destination on the 40,000-mile Amazing Race.

How the race was won! The airport leg from San Juan to Miami was the key to the entire race. Ron & Kelly took a wrong turn ("Turn left! No! You were supposed to go right!") and that was enough to put them out of it. Rob and Amber booked a flight but then realized they could try for another flight that was boarding – and were able to get on Stand-By, and then on the plane. As their hearts pounded, they prayed for the door to close and the push away from the terminal. Minutes seemed like hours, the suspense began to build, cool Rob began to look anxious. And then… and then…

Uchenna & Joyce walked onto the plane!

This one goes in the "What the f…? category" How did Uchenna and Joyce GET ON THAT PLANE? In my experience at airports, once the plane doors are closed and the ramp is pulled away from the plane, that is it. The fact that the couple got on is VERY suspicious – like the producers pulled some strings with American Airlines (who are sponsors of the show remember). Because without them making the same flight to Miami, Rob and Amber would only need to grab a couple of fat cigars, and casually smoke em as they strolled hand in hand across the finish line.

But that would make for Bad, bad, bad TV.

Of course, the AR producers wanted a frantic 2-team race to the finish! Wob and Ambuh blew it right here. They got lost in Little Havana running around searching for the cigar shop for the final clue and wasted an enormous amount of time. I had to smile when Rob prayed to St. Anthony for intercession. Ha! St. Anthony never worked for me -- May I suggest St. Therese of Lisieux for next time? She kicks in.

Meanwhile, Uchenna & Joyce by this time, had gone through most of the money they had begged for. With the final clue in hand, the two were off to the Bonnet House in Ft. Lauderdale and the finish line … But the taxi’s meter passed what they had in hand and they knew they were in trouble. With some deft editing, the show switched back and forth between the lost and frantic Rob & Amber in their cab racing to Ft. Lauderdale, and a frantic Uchenna & Joyce literally standing outside the entrance to the finish line trying to bum $50 to pay the cab fair, and occasionally switching to the hopelessly out-of-it Ron & Kelly on their late flight (cue the pathetic elevator music as they wait for … nothing.)

I’m not sure why it was an issue that Uchenna & Joyce needed to settle the fare before dashing in but with Total Class they took care of the cab driver first. Something in the rules? I dunno. They did manage to beg $40 off other tourists, the cabbie accepted a fare that was $10 short and no tip, and Uchenna & Joyce ran to the finish line.

Stepping on the mat in second place, engaged couple Rob & Amber reflected on their experience. Rob remarked, "We finished second, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I got Amber, so I’m in first place in my book."

Coming in third place, Ron & Kelly discussed their tumultuous relationship. Kelly commented, "I think we’re on different paths right now. I would love more than anything for it to work out, but time will just tell."

Winner Uchenna had this final thought: "I’ve never been more proud of Joyce than I am now. She’s overcome great fears. We’ve overcome communication barriers. We can talk now, which is really nice. We’re looking forward to those things helping us grow more and more together."



I am so glad that Uchenna and Joyce won the race. I've been praying that they win because I really like them, they're such a lovely couple. I hope I could get their email address, so I can email them, and tell them how wonderful couple they are. I guess they've inspired a lot of couples out there.

I'm not sure who you are, but i also would love to contact Uchenna and Joyce. They have been my most sentimental couple, because we have so so much in common and i really would love to connect with joyce. Anyway i am from australia and couldn't wait to watch the next couple of weeks. So i just had to look up the internet and take a peek. I am so happy happy that good karma comes from those who deserve it.. NOT PEOPLE LIKE ROB AND AMBER!!!!!!!Who's characters are a utter mystery to me!!!!!!!!!

ROB & AMBER ROCKS!!! I cant believe they didnt win. The show was RIGGED!!!

Last night my best friend and I held hands watching the final moments of the amazing race praying for Uchenna and Joyce. We both are currently pregnant after over a dozen IVF attempts and 6 miscariages later. Dreams can come true. Guys if you ever read this, come to Monash IVF in Melbourne and get the worlds best treatment.

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