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Ian Will Have a Corvette Summer Thanks to Survivor: Palau

Posted by Fara Kearnes on May 13, 2005 3:51 PM |

Crocodile Tears were flowing on last night’s episode of "Survivor: Palau" and they weren't coming from the real crocs in the lagoon. Katie and Ian finally had their blow up and will have to deal with the fact that, friendship aside, there’s too much money at stake to be honorable and faithful now.

And what's up with Katie? Is she actually putting ON weight? There were a couple of shots of her from last night’s episode that made you look again – she’s definitely chubbier while everyone else is rail thin. How does that happen on a 36-day diet of coconut and fish? She's putting on weight faster than that big guy on "Lost" who looks like he's got his Own Private Idaho potato farm on the other side of that island.

Meanwhile, Tom, Ian and Katie continue to play the game as best they can while Jenn is an "under-the-radar" survivor. It gonna piss a lot of people off if she ends up winning the game after doing nothing all season.

Corvette Bummer: The reward challenge involved bamboo rafts and estimated the distances to cities around the world. Ian won the challenge easily and as his reward, he was handed the keys to a new red Corvette convertible. He also won a night at a plush mansion on the top of a hill. Since he was allowed to take one other person, he choose Tom, who stood there looking incredulous. Katie’s face fell. She was crushed that Ian, her platonic boyfriend, broke his promise to choose her if he won.

While the guys spent an evening at a gorgeous hilltop home, Katie spilled her guts to Caryn and Jenn about her friendship with Ian and alliance with him and Tom. The thing Tom feared, that the women would gang up on the men, looked like it's about to happen. Tom's fears were confirmed the next morning when Caryn approached them, and then refused to talk about what happened while they were gone.

The next morning, Katie finally got over her hissy fit and agreed to talk to Ian. Damn, this thing is high school drama all over again! They have a spat. She cries and says she’s hurt. He’s hurt that she’s hurt. She's hurt that he's hurt cuz she's hurt. They hurt together.

He spazzes out, apologies, throws himself on the ground, and pledges eternal devotion to her. Or something like that. More crying, some hugging, no kissy-kissy, but the seed is planted: Katie will vote out Ian if it comes to it because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ...

Caryn tried to play both camps, men and women, as Tom tried to draw information out of her. What did he think she was going to say? And it’s no wonder Ian is a dolphin trainer, he doesn’t have the chops to defend himself and spent the entire time saying the wrong thing to everyone. He needs to work on his people skills. Meanwhile, Jenn and Katie are hanging on by threads. They’ve only gotten this far by maintaining their silence and not joining in with the "outwitting" part of the game. When will their luck run out?

The obstacle course/puzzle challenge proves too much for the short-term memories of the blondes (all four of them) and the wizzened, grey-haired 40-year-old Tom wins immunity again. You gotta respect the guy – he’s going all out to win this thing by protecting himself whenever necessary.

J’Accuse! At tribal council things got very bitchy and full of all sorts of "he said, she said." Judges Gregg, Steph, and Corey seemed delighted by the island opera and broke into smiles several times at the backstabbing. Katie recounts her feelings of betrayal toward Ian, who goes all wussy and apologizes again. Caryn suspects that her female mates aren't going to stick with the plan to vote the men off first, and she begins riding Ian and Tom, detailing their plan to vote Gregg out and justifying it by saying "the jury needs to know."

Take that! Ian defends himself by pointing out that Caryn, fearing for her place in the game, was a willing participant. Katie and Jenn then see the light, and realize it’s not time to vote out Ian just yet. They join the guys and all four vote her out. Bu-bye Caryn. Your torch is snuff'd.


You are a great player but you need to pull some weight around you know what I mean you are putting on pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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