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Behind-The-Scenes With Stephenie of "Survivor"

Posted by Fara Kearnes on May 5, 2005 3:06 PM |

Lewis: And no soap? The smell must have been pretty bad.

Steph: Yeah, pretty bad. We all smelled.

Lewis: I noticed the girls often scrubbed their skin with sand. What was that about?

Steph: You try to exfoliate by scrubbing with the sand to keep clean, to get the dirt off. The sand is oily because there was a lot of oily fish in that ocean, so it wasn't the best. But I tried to stay at least somewhat clean. I kept my hair braided back and did what I could.

Lewis: What was the worst thing about it?

Steph: My eyebrows.

Lewis: Your eyebrows? (Laughs)

Steph: Yeah, They got really bad. I couldn't trim them. Horrible.

Floorwax: Whoa! I love a woman who goes through all that, then says, yeah, 'my eyebrows looked bad.' (Laughs)

Lewis: Can you tell us about the bathrooms? You guy made your own.

Steph: We did, because you certainly doint want to go off in the woods...all over. Plus there were snakes, scorpions, bugs and stuff out there. But a lot of people went for weeks without going. I went for two weeks without going. But once you eat the coconut it's like a natural laxative. And the worst thing is, you don't ever know when it's coming. A couple of people in my tribe had accidents in the cave at night. Not me though.

Lewis: How much weight did you lose?

Steph: Um, about 15 pounds. I went in at 124, and went down to 110, 109.

Floorwax: That's must be a drag, cuz like your boobs get small.

Steph: Oh my God, yes! Because, like, I have no boobs to begin with. I ended up with hairy eyebrows and no boobs! (laughs)

Lewis: What was it like being all alone that night?

Steph: It was scary. There's a cameraman in there with you but they shoot with infrared so they can see you and you can't see them. It was very dark in [the cave]. It got scary when I was by myself. I think I passed out for awhile. But I didn't sleep much that night.

Lewis: The show was obviously shot months ago, is it hard watching it every week and not being able to tell your friends what's going to happen?

Steph: No, because it's fun. It's exciting. We have no idea what they are going to show on TV because they shot so much footage, so [every week] is the first time for us seeing it too. So, it's fun.

Lewis: It was disappointing, obviously, to be kicked of, but was it a relief?

Steph: Yes, in a way, because you know you get to have a big meal and take a shower and it's over. And being part of the jury, you're still in the game. But not winning the one million dollars ... I was devastated.


My friend keeps saying Survivour is really fake and they get like hamburgers and snacks between takes and it's shot in a park and stuff is that true?

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