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Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Confirm Their Breakup

Posted by Fara Kearnes on April 20, 2005 5:11 PM |

Nicole and ParisWithout going into details, Paris Hilton says her once strong friendship with "Simple Life" co-star and long time friend Nicole Richie simply over.

Actually, it's more like seething contempt -- but she didn't actually say that.

Paris said in a statement: "Its no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends. I will not go into the details of what happened. All I will say is that Nicole knows what she did and that's all I am ever going to say about it." According to ananova.com, the 23-year-old hotel heiress has also accused Nicole of starting a jealous whispering campaign against her.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News is reporting that Nicole is being blamed for an incident where a group of friends had gathered at Nicky's apartment to watch a tape of Paris hosting "Saturday Night Live." But when they switched on the TV they saw the tape was Paris' notorious sex video. The girl just can't get away from that thing . . . even when she's among friends.


Paris and Nicole should really forgive and forget because a friendship like that should be cheerish.
I've watch them on T.V since day one and if I could only find my once Best friend again and have what we hade again it would be amazing, just like the friendship of Paris and Nicole that I've seen them show the world.They seem to be made for each other, and without them together as friends will just be to strange and so wrong.

i cant beleive nicole richie and paris hilton arn't freinds! without them together everything wont be the same! they have been freinds for such a long time! they should just say sorry to each other and forget about it!

I can't belelive thier friendship is over. They are a role model to what ever friend ship should be, if their friendship didn't last what does that live for the rest of us.

Like all hollywood flings and breakups, they will be back together in time to shoot the next airing of Simple Life 4. where ever that may be, even if they hate each others guts Ratings rule over anything, and those 2 together bring in ratings so fast. I am sure its a minor bump in there friendship and one day they will both laugh about. Paris said tonight on David Letterman, she hopes the 2 can get past this being friends since forever.

I always thought that Nicole always tried to copy Paris. I don't think that they will make up.

I think that Paris Hilton and Nicloe should be friends, and Paris should'nt be so jealous of Nicole, just because Nicole is funnier on the simple life and gets more attention.

who really cares if the two dumb blondes are no longer friends? the only good thing to come from this is that there will not be another season of The Simple Life.


my idols are not friends noooooooooo that so messed up paris should just get over it but nicloe was mess up to

i cant belive paris and nicole arent friends i know that they will be friends again they were friends when they where 2 ok

I cannot beleive Paris n Nicole rnt friends nemore! How depressing! thats so not cool. they were like the bestest friends ever and how r they juss gonna not talk nemore? thats so totally messed up. they both really need each other. n they both make the simple life hilarious....w\o the both of them it wont be the same. i love both girls n i really hope they will get over the argument n look beyond their friendship which is really strong.

that is good! paris sucks!

thats retarded..

Paris and nicole were true friends i would give anything to have a friendship like they did. Very rebelious and funny. i think that even if Paris tries to become better friends with kimberly stewart it isnt gunna work cause paris and nicole were ment for eachother. one day the memories of them together will get to them because one fight cannot spoil that many years of friendship.

OMG i realli cnt believe der not m8z !!! i love dem der ppuurr fab !! i proper laff on da simple life !! i dunno y paris is actin like horrbile wen nicole neva did nuttin n she is ppuurrr funni n severy1 wwill take er side !!!! Paris shud say sumfink like i wanna be m8z agen !! :( ^_^

totally should be friends....I wish one of them would sa what ent wrong thos its driving me crazeee!

oh thank god they broke up, i though they were lesbians. whew now they can get some men and live happily ever after. and by the way paris u arnt that pretty enough to show off. u have nothing to show off, get married get some kids ( paris & london) nad be a house wife. yeah u sucks

what the hell ... i can see nicole doing this kind of stuff with paris, nicole is a difficult person and paris is totaly right to be angry with nicole , anyway, wont be the same as before , but they will be friends again ! im sure ...

i think that paris has every right to be angry with nicole because that's not a very friendly thing to do,i think that nicole is just jealous of paris hilton but i do really want them to be friends again.

nicole starting a jealous whispering campaigne about paris is so not cool nicole is the one thats so damn jealous about her,if somebody did that to me i wouldn have done tha same that paris did.i dont know why everybody is against paris hilton.everybody should be against nicole ritchie.this is to sexiitwinz nicole and paris aren't two dumb blondes paris and nicole are originally brunette the only thing blonde to do was go blonde

i defenetly tink that paris and nicole should make up i hate that new chick that paris is doin the show with!!!! paris please getr bak with nicole or u will lise veiwers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just forgive and forget

paris just forgive and forget, how could you and nicole not talk. you are the best of friends if i were you i would give any thing to keep talking to my best friend even if she did something like that. come on evey one makes mistakes.you guys are my heros and if you are not best friends then who is going to be my heros.come on you stole monkeys together.i would do any thing for a friend to steal monkeys with

I'm glad there not friends what kind of bitc* has a black girl for a best friend and then calls someone the N_word F*** Paris !

paris should drop nicole like a bad habit. she's obviously jealous of her...nicole's new man looks like paris's fiance--same story goes for nicole's new hairstyle.

OMG!! paris i hope u see this pleas forgive nicole if u guys arent friends that will make me cry if u fdont make up with her i want u guys to do the simple life gain togetr please make up with her

Whos gives abt them?Its their lives let them deal with it!

I never like to see friends get in a fight so I do hope that Paris and Nicole make-up but it's not because I like Paris. Nicole looks like Mother Teresa compared to Paris, who flaunts everything she has and doesn't give a shit about charities, besides the fact that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to say "That's hot" about everything. She doesn't have much of a brain, and for the horrendous misspellings and grammar mistakes of her fans, it looks like they don't have much of one either.

i think that nicole alway's copies paris so i dont think that paris should apolligise to nicole for what she did coz dat's stupid

i love paris hilton.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paris hilton is so cool and nicole ritchie is a fat dumb bitch

i cant beleive paris and nicole have broken up and i think lindsay lohan is a wannabee paris

Paris and Nicole:Please be friends again!!!(Yes i know they dont read this!)

omg i love paris hilton she's hot. i love her and nicole coz they are just soo funny together and i really loved them together so they are going to be friends again. thats hot . luv ya amy xx

holy crap okay paris should just get over it cause nicole was just making a joke and paris should'nt take it so seriously! oh well paris is a joke anyway nicole would be better of without that.... w/e she is. okay paris is such a spoiled brat! like omg the only reason she's famous is cause she wears sleesy outfits and shows more leg than anyone i've ever seen. god okay nicole if your reading this f***in ditch her! she's crap!

ok paris is such a friggen retard. god stop fighting with nicole just cause she played a prank on u u spoiled brat! get the f*ck over it! okay nicole u should'nt be friends with paris. shes totally hopeless and so friggen dull, "that's hot", who the hell says that?! and she's such a dumb blonde too, she probably can't even figure out how to use a waffle iron, let alone spell it.

okay nicole and paris are better off without eachother ( and by that i mean NICOLE DITCH HER!)she's such a slut, like omg what she wears is just so sickening, and she's so stupid. and she's such a bitch, trying to compete with nicole about their weddings, come on! she's sad, dumb,ugly,and God knows wat else

i really think that they should dtop fighting and be friends agia these things happen all the time with friends thats just life so they should just stop this and say sorry because they are so funny when they are around each other and they are real role models and for them to break is just sadso plz (BE FRINDS AGAIN):)

ive seen paris's tape and its pretty shit... but her and nicole deserve each other cos theyre both spoilt brats. they try to copy and keep up with each other...they have the same dogs, hair, clothes and even the same bloody saying!! i like watching the simple life cos it makes me feel so grateful to have a brain!!

If Nicole was really Paris' best friend she wouldn't of done something so disrespectful. Some people don't know what being friends means. But then again, if I was a famous celeb like Paris Hilton I wouldn't be making sex tapes either. So all in all, I think they should forgive and forget because they both made mistakes.

I don't think that Paris and Nicole have to work it out if it is as bad as Paris claims. I'm in the middle of a similar situation where there were five of us who were really close. One managed to stay out of it, but another one said that I was trying to steal the final two away!!! she did and said horrible things to us three that only we and a few other people know of. Many people are trying to force the three of them back together and basically saying to ditch me when I didn't do anything in the first place. They are thankfully true enough that they are sticking with me even though they've know her longer. My point is if they work it out thats great. but nobody can force paris and nicole to "make up" so they have the pleasure of watching them on TV without knowing the true extent of the situation.

um.......well i like both paris and nicole but i like nicole much better i dont think either of them copy eachother there just friends that got in a fight just like every friend does they will make up im sure

The Simple Life is really funny - even if they aren't as stupid as the people they portray. I actually have a lot of respect for the girls who do their own thing despite an innate realisation that most of the things they say or do are critisized.

People are really judgemental of them, and that's what makes it so funny - because they don't give a flying ...

So on the subject of their friendship breaking up - I think I'd probably murder my best friend if I was stuck with her in such a publisised way as their relationship was recorded in the simple life. Friends need time apart and time together to make it bearable.

If their friendship is really strong, and they did indeed love each other the way they said they did throughout the damn series - which I think for them could have been a throwaway word - they said it a lot I guess... - if they are friends, then I would like to think that because I have friends who I break up with all the time - I hope they can both overcome their demons, and forgive and forget. Life is too short, and if they can make a really funny program along the way, then it would be good TV...

First of all- if Paris and Nicole are such GOOD friends, they will get over this thing. Paris has a right to be mad-think of it this way.. would you want that to happen to you.. and for your "BEST" friend to do that to you is just plain annoying.
So if they really are "role model best friends".. Nicole wouldn't have done that.. and now that she has, she would apologise.

well the way i look at it is that they were pretty much sisters, and nothing will last forever. but whatever nicole did to paris, if it was bad enough the friendship was bound to break. weather or not it was that bad or not. And every one who was calling paris a slut or watever, Like people besides paris hilton in thsi world wear the same so i dont think u should say that paris is a skant or pretty much wears nothing becasue most girls wear not to much. and if she is skinny enought to wear it let her wear. and really its no ones business weather or not there friends. they will probably become friends but people let them be!

paris is being harsh on nicole i think, they were like sisters so whatever happened they can sort out and they should. shes just being a bitch and replacing her with kimberly well i won't the show. nicole made it and i know paris is up herself but surely she must know it will be crap without nicole and kimberly stewart is just some stupid model....if they do another series it sould be together and if they dont make up there shoudlnt be another show!!! i hope nicole does really well, she rocks!!!!



nicole and paris should be friends again i love nicole and she is so real and paris is so fake and she looks fake to me

i think that paris and nicole should be friends again because i love them both soooooo much!! but if you two cant make up then thats up to you but i wish you will.i think that nicole is jelous of paris and wants to be her.whatever nicole did to paris i think they should just forget it because you cant just let something like that ruin the great friendship you both had. i really love the simple life i never miss an episode!! i love you paris !!!!!!!!!!!!! your sooooooooooooooooooooo great!!!!!!

i dont no why everyone is being soooo bitchy towards paris hilton. but wat i do no is that nicole ritche should not of put the sex tape on cause thats not wat best friends do!!!!! i think paris has all the right to be mad!!!! i do like you nicole but now i dont i think your a bitch!!! and i think that your sooo just jelous of paris!!!!! just think nicole look wat you did has done to yours and paris's friendship. i love you soooooooooo much paris if i saw you it would be a dream come true!!!!!!!! i think your great!!!!! but i do wish that you will be friends but i wouldnt be!!!!


if paris n nicole were such great mates dont u think they wud hav worked throught it?? unles paris is jus a astubbin bitch!!! friend ships are wortha lot more then wat she thinks!nicole is betta of wit out her if she is gunna be and up tight spoilt b*tch!!!!i love nicole!!!

Ok Paris is a fake. She has brown hair...and brown eyes. Shes not a real blonde. She has a plastic nose(literally) and a lazy eye. Nicole has no records of plastic n e thing. Good for Nicole. Paris is NOT funnny. Nicole is hilarious. So 2 points for Nicole. Paris is so full of herself and an arrogant LAIR! Paris insists shes too beautiful for surgery...buut she has two nosejobs to count...Hmmmmmmm. So 3 points for Nicole. Soooo...Paris. Go suck some1's else thing for MORE publicity.

am i being thick here or did they make up?

i cant belive that they 2 are not friends anymore i love paris hilton she rocks but i think she is lost without nicole i mean they have been friends since they were babys so just be friends again please (

it is too bad about this if you care about sluts who glorify sleeze to kids

y do their relationship end this way, f they are good friends they should stay together and build a new season of simple life.I want them both back again

i think it good idea 4 paris is to leave nicole because i think nicole is a tart abd rude


omg everyone get over it they are both fucking slags.

okay nicole is just really annoying in the show, shes like trying to take over paris, and she doesnt have the manner of a rich person. on the other hand paris is very quiet and nice on the outside, but she can be wild too. plus paris is much prettier. nicole now is so fucking skinny she looks like shes gonna die! ew

ok nicol is 110 times better the pares i like pares but nicole is sooo much better and u all know that paris is ok but nicole is beautiful like relly but i can bet a 1000000 dollers that thay will b friends again peace out!~!~!

OMG paris and nicole seemed to be the best of friends watching them on the simple life they allways seemed like they had stax of fun and nothing would ever becoome between them!
i reccon its really sad to see them both like this but some people liek PARIS as much as i LUV her are way way to senitive and also get pissed ova the most tinyest things! PARIS NEEDS TOP GET OVA IT AND BECOME FRIENDS AGAIN WITH NICOLE!!

For socialites, I can't believe how trashy, coarse and common Paris and Nicole are. Whatever happened to the elegance in sophistication? This goes far past the enfant terribles in the more dignified corners of Society. This is the perfect example of indulged, ill-bred little girls who suddenly find themselves in the spotlight.(Or perhaps elbowed their way into it.) They can't seem to control themselves very well publically, can they? Sex videos, Fox specials that make fools of them through their own painful stupidity, airing their dirty laundry to anyone who will listen... Their families must be scandalized!

Perhaps not.. New-money will do anything for attention. ;) Just goes to show, I suppose, that it takes more than cash to be a debutant, darlings.


...Though between these two n00bs, I'd have to say I far prefer Nicole over Paris. I'd FAR rather have a friend who's a bitch than a friend who's a moron.

Yes Paris. You're the moron, dear. But don't despair! You can always make your sex videos!

...SCREAMingly funny!


They should forget what happend and become friends again!Its not fair for fans of both richce an paris for them not to become friends again,over some stupid sextape on paris!

hi iam nikkime and i have paris hilton number here it is 1212731 9940

oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant believe they arent friends there were so cool together we loved there simple life dvds we want paris and nicole to be best freinds they were so happy!just forget about it and move on together to make us happy and yourselves happy,paris does not suit with kimberly we are not being mean kimberly!nicole does not suit lindsay lohan no affence to you either.

please reply if you like us please paris nicole we need a reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we atre a big fan

yeah just become friends. thats so mean . their cute 2getrer

i think nicole took paris for grantit im sure paris regret's any dirty video that she ever did...& nicole was so lucky to be her best friend...i think paris is asome...& they should patch things up & be friends again...if not id be happy to be her bestfriend..lol...i think nicole is stupid for showing the video & if its cause she was jelous that just gay... i meen paris is probally the reson nicole's famous...paris brought her to where she is today! =D

i'll be Paris Hiltons best friend i think she's beautiful & really kool & i anyone should be blessed to be her bestfriend & never be jelous Nicole took paris for grantit.

paris and nicole are so cool
i love them both to bits
and they should forget about what happened

I think they should forgive each other l have seen them together and they are such a perfect pair of friends and they are both trying to pretend that they both hate each other .They are both my role models and l think they are amazing but they schould really meet and sort out their problems about eachother . THey have both broken up wwith their fianssee well thats what l have read in hello and ok for the past few mouths . I WOULD LOVE THEM TO BE FRIENS AGIN and to see them both not bicker That is all l have to say that l see them all with other friends trying to mack eachother jelouse and acherly it is very babeys and they should make up l love them soooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, to the girls that like me and support me, but the fight between me and Nicole will end one day i'am sure. no matter what happends she will always be my best fried, Thankyou

Paris Hilton

Who the hell cares if they are friends or not?!! get a life...

okay you guys! smarten up! paris and nicole have been good friends and the simple life shud still be on! because its the best show ever and whats one stuiped pointless littel fight gunna do? nothing!! if u keep fighteing its guna leave u nowhere! people will just get annoyed with the fighting! and not want to be your fans anymore! this site is filled with fans messages(like myself) want it to be on agian! im guna miss thoose night laufing my ass off at u 2! u guys are my role models! iLu guys! your best friends! me and my friend look up to u guys! once a friend always a friend! no matter what! all my love jessie

omg paris! get over yourself! u think u can step all over nicole! lik what kind of b*tch has a back up best friend! nicole was there 4 u! nicole just forget about paris b/c shes a loser and a B*tch! she was never a good friend
and out of all people u shud noe that

so why are paris and nicole not friends anymore?

I think paris and nicole should work things out they are the only people that make their show good. It would be weird without nicole on A Simple Life.

Nicole iz beta off widout paris, paris is so spoilt! nd she finks she amazinly pety wen rli shes nt but dey had been m8z 4 ages so dey shud make up cos now der gona b arguin ova hu has lindsey lohan etc... nd i fink dat it wudnt b da sme widout nicole on da simple life!

omg i cnt bleve u guys dnt like Nicole!!!! she is well prettier than paris AND she's got way more style. AND, BTW nikki, nikki is a fat gul's name. dont u insult nicole! i went to skl with her n she is fab. so any1 who insults my bitch, insults me. :|

okay who really cares. Paris hilton is just some retarded spoiled princess who thiks only of herself... I mean she stops making out wiht her boyfriend to check herself out in the mirror common now? I personally like Nicole much better, she seems to have a little more spunk and humor to her... everything isnt all abotu looks. IN closing I woudl like to say if you have a sex tape that the entire world has allready seen if they wanted to, and you can't even laugh it off with your frineds your in for a rude awakening.

Can anyone tell me why they broke up??

Nicole Richie is a jealous bitch who copies EVERYTHING that Paris does. Someone should feed her a fucking burger and shove a nuke up her ass.

paris is a little 2 blonde its fake but nicoles awesum n i reckon they shood b frends coz simple life is awesum n kim sux

hey all u guyz who like paris stuff ya n all the peeps who like nicole is freakn mad coz nicole is so much funnier n heaps more good lookin than paris, nicole made paris ,paris is 2 self-centred try hard n ami has a gud point

i think that was a bit meen but the thing is them two were better together they should just leave what happened and say sorry and be friends because i watch their movies and you can see them having lots of fun together them two not being together makes me won't to cry so i will rember this and if them two get together i will be happy because it was the same thing that happend to my sister and her friend christena went back together i really like nichol and paris they both make me laugh they make me want to be just like them when i grow up and i don't want them to stay apart for ever it is just to long and all i watch is their movies so if they come on these websites hope they come on this one first
From Gabrielle coriolan
who wants to be just like nichol and paris

jeez people get over it the are both sluts!

hey i said tht not gabrielle

Hey guys i really think paris and nicole should make up like i think that paris should just take it as a joke cuz we no how crazy nicole id right? so just be friends again!!!!!!!!!!!we love u guys!

I cannot believe there are so many stupid people in this world... How can these girls be your idols?!? What did they do, besides being born into a rich family??? Should they be honoured for knowledge of shopping???? And why should people care if they're not friends any more. You are making yourselves look pathetic by caring so much about them, you know, they don't really care for you as much as you do for them...

ok what happened between nicole and paris is not cool.they hada awesome time together.i know that in simple life 4 when kinberly does she will screw thw whole damn thing.paris is very pretty so is nicloe.but they've been friends since they were 2.and paris was a little stpid to think nicloe would do that cause they have been together thier whole lives and at one moment paris thinks nicole would do that.well, i know its not my businees to say anything but come on thier in beverly hills what do you expect a nice life with out any hatred going on.well i think paris and nicole are 2 girls that are ment to gether and i know for a fact that they'll be friendss a gain and that thier friendship will grow stonger.well thats all i have to say.

They are really good friends and if they really mean alot to eachother they would do anything in their power to stay friends...You guys should be happy to have a friendship like that cuz I wish I did.....Man you guys need to get over things!

What actually happened between then?

i luv paris nd nicole but its ther bussness wat hppnd between them so but out u guys and let them get on with ther lives its none ov ur bussness so but out

omg..soooo stupid...why the --- are they gonna do that..well...it's them..who cares...blah blah blah...their own crap, ug...what tha...stupid...watever...same crap...

i love paris shes amazing nicole is just a bitch paris has looks money everthing and nicole just copies her

Well I dont like Paris but I sure do like Nicole. I wish the simple life would come on again.

well i h8t paris she is such a slut!!! and a complete moron she thinks every1 likes her but really they are all laughin at her she needs to get a reality check, she was probibly happy that nicole showed the sex video cause she got all the attention i think personily that she is a dumb bit** who thinks every1 likes her.
nicole is the best she rocks i would reather have a friend like her than a friend who is a slag bag lol!!! well i hope nicole finally realises that she doesn't need a stupit cow like PARIS

I think they should make friends again because my bestest friend did the dirty on me and i forgave her and she was as bad as what happened with nicole i think u 2 shud plz make friends

I think they should make friends again because my bestest friend did the dirty on me and i forgave her i think u 2 shud plz make friends

First off, I admire both Nicole and Paris. They are really lucky to live the lives they do and they must be very strong people in order to be in the spotlight all the time. Although they both appear to be very strong people, they should act a little more mature and forgive each other for acting foolish. Stupid mistakes are not worth losing a lifetime of friendship. Maybe they're just tired of each other and want to do their own thing and this little fight is their excuse for not talking. Either way is pretty pathetic and one of them should have the balls to say something to the other. Then again, I don't know the scenerio.

If people complain about Paris she is being talked about and getting publicity. Any publicity is good publicity. Even if she's hated, she is talked about and she's getting attention. If anyone is going around saying they hate Paris, they are still giving her what she wants. Go Paris!!

I love Nicole too. Everyone should shut up about her eating. If she has problems that reflect her eating habits let her deal with them without getting in her face. Making money from tabloids off of peoples personal lives and problems is obnoxious and disgusting. Go find something more fulfilling to do with your time. Perhaps read a good book.

i like paris and nicole but watever i like the simple life and if they aren't in it together o well it will still be funny i have simple life 1 and 2 on dvd i preorderd the 3rd season and u guys who talk to eachother threw this thing stink u guys are so rude!

I LOVE the simple life i think paris is prettier and i like nicole better!

I think it's a little funny how people on this blog sound like they're talking to Paris or Nicole, and even sound like they're sucking up to them. They have better things to do with their time than read blogs about themselves, which I'm sure there are dozens of. Why do people even occupy their times focusing on stars lives? We're all pathetic.

nicole is the one who made the simple life interesting..paris was the retard with the 2 word vocabulary of....THATS HOT...i think paris has balls (literally)

i am so mad that they are not friends!!! they were sooo kool!!!! i loved watching the simple life with them being dumb together it is HALARIOUS!! they need to be friends again and not hold a dumb grudge!!! they no that they want to bcome friends again but there to scared to say it!!! my advice::: get over and bcome friends again!!!!!!!!! you guys are both nice and pretty!!! but u guys cant not be friends... ur fans are desperataley wanting u to be friends again.. like me!!! say ur sorry and move on!!!! u guys are great!!!! loves it!!!

hey guys,
i hope that nicole and i are friends again!! shes nice and i forgive her she just doesnt care! nicole call me plezzzz!!! love u!!! fans.... thanks 4 supportting me i love u all..

paris hilton

i love to seu naget

I can only imagine, having read many of the comments on this page, that the break up of these two brainless monkeys, (sorry to monkeys everywhere for the analogy), can only benifit society. The number of people claiming these two as role models and heros saddens me when I read their appalling grammar and spelling. It would not surprise me if in fact it were merely Paris, (who does come across as a rather cheap whore frankly), and Nicole were the two writing all these bitchings to each other. Is there even a shared braincell amongst the fans of these two morons? I hope now they have broken up you people can finally go out and get an education, perhaps even learn how to spell, and for the text message style retards you may even be able to learn all the letters from a to z. Congratulations to Meghan (July 8, 2005 01:11 AM) for being the first person to write something actually worth reading. (You seem intelligent, why were you even looking at this page?) And for the many who claim to be fans of these two tramps, the following is the same message written in a language you may understand:
It's lyke, OMG man, it's so uncool that these toos luvverly ladeez wer evva frends and makes u al so stoopid man! Lyke now wats u'z all gonna do man? u gonna hav 2 go get sum sort of skoolin dude! Shit, f**k! thas soooooo uncoooool! l8rs

stop slagging my lady off she loves me and we are getti offically married this october...shes extremelly depressed about your horrid chatting and she shall not invite her ex mate to our wedding ....many thanks michael...xxxxxxx

fuck nicole that ugly bitch.paris you don't need that bitch.she mad that she can't be like you.and be pretty like you.paris if you meet me we well be the best friends.cause a lot of people tell me that i'm just like you.and i have a lot of your things.but paris FUCK HER....she just mad and that all....love kimberly aka sexy red

Who the fuck cares. you all should listen to the new Pink song.

I really luv paris nd nicole and i want them to become friends again so much! i miss em not doing simple lyf! dnt let one little fight hurt your friendship u guys were suck gud friends plz plz plz plz someone say sorry and becom friendz again!
luvn ya babes
mwa mwa mwa mwa
xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo

Its time to forgive 'n' 4 get dont ya think? and by da way Paris, cute dog! LOL

Sophie Parker is like Nicole Richie!! Its kl 2 have a friend like that!

Im doing a talk at school on famous people and decided to do it on nicole and paris's break-up and as im doing it it seems they have been best of friends and would be best if they carried on! yay byexxx

Nicole lost crazy amounts of weight - probably the wrong way and Paris is jealous that Nicole now looks hotter. If Paris really is upset with Nicole for "showing her XXX vedeo" she needs to get over it.

Paris sucks. Nicole Rocks!!!!

ppl that say paris is stupid and snoty ur retards. she could be a bit of a pain in the a$$ but so what. she is hotttt just like nicole. plus they are rlly good friends. paris and nicole should stop fighting and make up. paris is not retarded who ever writes that, you r retared. b/c paris is hott and nivole is to so just deal with it

oh yeah whoever said tha paris is a slut u should try and look in the mirror. PARIS IS TO HOTTTT TO BE A SLUT. AND PARIS IS NOT A BITCH she is btter with nicole they make rlly cool friends. so paris and nicole u need to be friends again and make up


Omg. This makes no effin since at all. How could it be NICOLE'S fault? I mean, there were other people in there, it could of been Nicky. She might be jealous of her sister and wanted to pull a 'joke' or whatever. Might of been someone watching that. It could of been anything at all.
Whoever is sayin Paris is hot or whatever.
THERE BOTH WH0RES. GET OVER IT. I MEAN NICOLE IS NOT AS SLUTTY AS PARIS, BUT THEY BOTH ARE. I MEAN PARIS MADE A SEX VIDEO. I MEAN ONLY WH0RES DO THAT. ** Which I mean if any of you sluts do that eh, get a life. Thats just wrong and is for pervs. ** So get over this bullshit. K? Kthx. ♥

Okay, I don't know why you people care so god damn much. Paris is a slut that tapes herself having sex with guys, and Nicole is a stupid unoriginal little whore, who probably does most of the stuff Paris does, just not in the public eye. But like someone said further up, I'd rather have Nicole as a friend, because I'd rather be friends with a bitch than a complete moron. Despite the fact Paris attended school she drags the reputation of blondes DOWN. Paris Hilton is the REASON blondes are badmouthed, she's a stupid slut who you people need to get over.

yhea u paris and nicole get over it and forgive itch other think about the fun times u had with paris and paris thing about the fun times u had with nicole ok


Omg y talk about paris like tht she great and i cant believe tht they have slit up there show was koooll as ..!!! well paris is so gawjus and great luff her.!!xxand no im not a lesbian

omg how can you sluts like nicole richie you all know that i am way hotter then her a that i will never be her frind again.

well i love paris to bits, but that still dont mean i can take sides. both paris and nicole have been best friends since they were little and a break up just dont fit in between so its much better when ur friends

how did they break up?

Paris and Nicole are one of the most famous couple of friends in the world. They should stay friends forever because they know what true friends are and why they need eachother, Nicole obivously didnt think fully about what she was doing and is probably kicking herself. They should make up and never break up because they are real best friends

I can't belive they aren't friends anymore! I mean their friendship was sooo strong and they make the greatest pair ever! They've been BFF's since they were TWO!!Real friendship like this should last a lifetime and nothing should get in the way of it! please just forgive each other!

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