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Chad Michael Murray To Die For in "House of Wax"

Posted by Fara Kearnes on April 2, 2005 12:07 AM |

I hope "House of Wax" is the breakout movie for hunky Chad Michael Murray to launch into megastardom. The star has been languishing on "One Tree Hill" when it was on a ridiculous Saturday afternoon TV time slot, until someone got a clue and aligned it on prime time during the week with "The O.C." and now more people take the opportunity to tune in.

Chad Michael Murray

But if you haven't seen the humorless and angst-ridden "One Tree Hill" you've only got a month to wait for Chad in the upcoming movie "House of Wax," a remake of the 1953 classic.

Chad and Elisha Cuthbert play teens whose car trouble in the small town of Altherton, Iowa, puts them at the mercy of a creepy gas station attendant. I luuuuv horror flicks so, like, I'm stoked. And the "House of Wax" trailer makes it look like one of the more promising horror flicks we'll see this year., Paris Hilton is in it too and says she's so proud of her death scene in the film that she is launching a line of T-shirts to make sure fans will go to the theaters to watch her demise.

You'll soon be seeing T-shirts with the words "See Paris Die" on the market just in time for the May 6 release date of the film. She told an interviewer: "I have the coolest death scene in the movie. I die in sexy red lingerie - very sexy lace panties and a bra. It was really cool to watch myself die in the movie."

For more on Chad, there's a great interview with him at mtv.com.

Paris Hilton is in it too and says she's so proud of her death scene in the film that she is launching a line of T-shirts to make sure fans will go to the theaters to watch her demise.

You'll soon be seeing T-shirts with the words "See Paris Die" on the market just in time for the May 6 release date of the film. She told an interviewer: "I have the coolest death scene in the movie. I die in sexy red lingerie - very sexy lace panties and a bra. It was really cool to watch myself die in the movie."

For more on Chad, there's a great interview with him at mtv.com.


hi chad
hey how are you? me fine my is hannah and i just wanch a cinderella story and it made me think what my life was with one of my boyfriends and i want to meet you so can you please talk to me

Hey Chad, Whats up? I watched the One Tree Hill Season 2 Finalie awhile back. Pretty Good, but I wanted to see more of what was to happen to your character. Like, the heart meds, More on that. Oh! and umm....congrats on you and Sophia(sp?)! Anyway, continue on with the awsome drama T.V show, One Tree Hill

- B.Gurl

Hey Chad....I am a really big fan of yours and not juss because you are a total hottie, but because you are also a great actor....and I am kinda hoping you email me back ^.^.....and if you have yahoo messenger....you can add my s/n please....its lil_prc_angel_gurl. email me back @ lil_prc_angel_gurl@yahoo.com. luvz ( literrally ) bye ^.^

Hey Chad, I love all your charachters, Tristan, Charlie, Lucas, Austin, Jake, and Sean are my favourites. Congratulations on your marriage, I love Sophia too. Have a great life.
Luv Megan

Hey Chad,

I watched the movie "House of Wax" and I was really impressed in the way you were very brave. Congratualations! I also watched the movie "A Cinderella Story" and I was amazed.. Keep up the good work and please e-mail me back! :)

dear chad i loved house of wax it was great and a cindealla story.i think you are hot and i like sophia.please email me back . love samantha

hey i love to chad michael murray please talk me please am your fans i love this persons please talk to me ok i am maria rene,from bolivia,have 16 year old ok good bye ahhhhhhh and please call me ok bye

Hi Chad I think you are the hottest guy in the world and Ilove your latest movie house of wax I've benn to the cinimas four times to see it and also Iwas just wondering to you have a fan mail address so I could send you a letter well I hope you can write back to me

Love Shannon

hey chad, just wanted to say i love yeah and your damn sexsi, one tree hill is my favorite thing with you in it, and hows sophia, okay well buh-bi luvz yeah both, xoxo, please post me back or email me

hi, chad if you ever will be reading any of this i think that every actors are great,imnot like most of girls on this chat im not asking you to e-mail me nor chat to me but i thing you are a really good actor.


Hoi! haha. anywaiz..u are the coolest actor ever!. seriously. u are the sweetest!. i love u for that! and u have great acting skills! people like u inspire me!! it helps me think that I can follow my dreams too... yes. u are definitely my role model! even though u are a guy. lol. I hope you send me an email back! LOVE,kay!

Heyyy chad...you are the must beautifull actor in the world. Oh My God I'm in love with you, I have all you're wallpapers, everything, in every single movie that you act, I run to go and watch them, jejejeje...you are a good actor, you are the best, you ROCK, you act soo good, well, what can I say, I love the way you look, I love it, that way of look, looks that you are in love with the acting careerr, continue like that baby...jejejeje, you know all the secrets how to act...I want them to know...jajaja, andd....you are so HOTTTT and SEXYYYYYYY.....hope you write me a e-mail and tell me that you like my comment, jejeje, bye bye chad, I love babyyy muuuaaaxxxx

Hi chad i have watched all your movies i like you best in Freaky Friday but i think you are realy hot please email me and Congratualations on your wedding i still think your hot even if your married or not

chad please dont separate with sophia, marriage is tough, work at it. we believe in you, both of you

who the hell is sophia?

hey chad how r u.....i would like to know if u had a tough time in ur child hood with ur parents. cuz i am..i had a fight wiv 1 of my parents and they told me 2 move out.....................plz reply i want to learn more about u and get 2 know u ..
alwyz love u

hey chad ma m8 ants 2 know do u hav msn cause if ya do will u ad her cause she really likes u and her addy is kealyrobinson@hotmail.com
write bck please love becky xxxx

hi chad im gina n u prob wnt write bk 2 me or add me but i really do lyk u alot iv e got house of wax n cinderella story n all the series of one tree hill n the all great i reali lyk u so if u do read this my msn addys gina_06@hotmail.co.uk or just write a reply thank u luv gina xxxxxxxxxx

Omg Chad you are like not only the hottest guy ever, for real, I've watched everything with you in it! Truly u rock! I so wish I could meet u someday, omg I 'm getting all tongue tied, well could you just plz. email me , I've been trying for yrs. to get ahold of u! hopefully this too isn't well, BOGUS!lovge ya even though I don't personally know yah, well buh-bye!

I'm a wanna-b actress n i wanna tell u bout me n my friend 'jess'. we're writing a song, to raise money for various charities + we've spent 2 years writing a script 4 a movie, when it goes out, will ya act in it, but its 4 charity so i undastand if u don't!!!!!!thanx luv ems!!!!!!!!!

hey, its Emma again, please write back, we spent so long on da script, even if its a no!!! u can get me on my school email, walle007@medway.org.uk

Hi chad im gemma im 21 and i lov u sooo much u r the fittest celeb ever mayb u can add me on my msn and get to chat sumtime or something. im dying to speek to u i have been 4 ages mayb this time will wrk add me: gemmapinder@hotmail.com

Hi Chad,
I highly doubt you even read any of these posts. I'm probably not as big a fan as any of the girls on here. I watched One Tree Hill and I don't even watch it anymore. The only reason I'm even leaving a message is 'cause I had the weirdest dream about you and I was like ok I think I'm going to try and send him a message. So this was my attempt to just say hi and wish you well in your career.
Best Regards, Michelle

hey i watched the house of wax. a scary plus awsome movie. i think your so hot. you were the best looking man there you know. i wish i knew you in real life. well i think your the hottest man on earth so send another later.
love jennifer

OMG OMG OMG I Love Chad soo Much I wanna meet him if i was to make one wish I this whole world it would be to meet him. I love him always have been since Dawson's Creek!! I Love Him!! I wanna Meet him I want him to know that i need him to i wanna speak to himoonce!! just once! if he's so kind i just wanna hear his voice in real life!!! for him just to say hi!!!

i love chad micheal murray 4 eva and eva he is really fit and i whould just love to meet him i love him i love him to bits

i love u

whats up! I have to be your number 1 fan! i have ever thing of u blankets my walls my floor plus i have cut out pictures of u on my pencil box. u make my frown up side dwn. u were awsome more than that on house of wax. i love your show one tree hill. we shold keep in touch 753-7085 Love ya!

OMG chad you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohot i love tou in the movie house of wax you are so strong and every thing ohh i just want to meet you you hot hot hot hot hot HOt lovely person love always as you should know cassidy your reall #1 kan
for reall

i like you in the de movies chad you are my farvorit auteur in de wereld ik heb er nog veel
i love the de movies and series

Hey Chad one day i would like to become an actor. I'm not some crazy girl thats obsessed with you. i just look up to you cuz you are a great actor. Good luck in life!

Hey Chad,
Just wanted to see if you write back fan's...I think your work is great and of course your cute..;) Love One tree hill(it's great!!!)You choose good movie...Sorry for my bad english(I'm french)
tag me back..if you get this

heya chad i am like ur BIGGEST fan litrally!!! you make life a much better place for your existance lol its always been my dream 2 meet u its a thing im determind to do i will meet u one day im hopeing :) you are my fave actor you are soooooo gr8 in every single way your charactors you play are so heart warming and they make you think about life and its just gr8 to watch u act cuz your megga sexi :P plz e-mail me bak make my wish come true :P!!! plzzzz love yaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hey,im sarah i think your so fittt ur such a grate actor, i used to wach 'one tree hill' just so i could see you in it and a cinderella story waz brillient hope you rite back luv sarah xXx

hey Chad, how are you? I'm ok other than my dad has lukemia and cant work, but anyways can you talk to me or respond to this comment. I LOVE you tv show One Tree Hill i watch it every wednesday and havent missed one episode of it oh and your knew movie House Of Wax i love that movie and your such a great actor keep up the good work

~Tricia Calverley~

hi Chad, my name is Carla im italian and my bf is to but dw i still think ur hot, anyway, i realy need someone to talk 2 every1 hates me just coz im pretty..but im not gonna go in to that..plz add me...my address is carla_da_cutiepie@hotmail.com thanx 4 listening,


hi chad im vicky iam a great fine of yours i love all your movies esapavcally cinderraller story its so romantic and funy im always thinking about you i wish i could meet you such a nice guy but i was a little disopanted what happend with you and sophia bush but it could be a miss under standing i dont know i dont know much about you in person but you sound a lovely guy your so brave i read your child life i got builled to alot and my dad died i support you always i wont to be an actor iam lurning doing drama and molding i would love to act with you but thats a dream i would also like to live in america i know this soulds a little wierd but people tell me i look like sophia bush but thats what people tell me iam keeping up with your updates and you films i wish i knew you and could speack to you iam living in paris know lurning french its really very diffulect but iam trying and then hopeing to sing and act proffenly i would like to do what hailary duff does act sing and modiel but i will need to work really hard i bet thats what you did but if that was your dream then you need to work hard for it to come true hope you get this i pray you will wright again soon love vickyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

omg omg you people are SO STUPID
do you honestly think that he reads this?
does he even have tiME?? nooooooooooooooooooo

Hi Chad you are the fittest celebrity ever i am your number 1 fan Jess

hey chadster i no im jus another fan i mean im not even sure if you visit this web site but ur tottally cute n i hope that oneday ill meet u i no its like really a dream but oh well (keep dreamin) lol i think ur a fantastic actor

Luv Wynona!

jus ANOtHeR fAN!!

u r so hot u no i think ur d hottest guy in the world n i luvvv u if u lik eni of these gals it shod b b coz all the others r fugly n im soooooo hot jus a tiny bit more dan u.

Luv Ya HOtTie pARIS

omg omg you people are SO STUPID
do you honestly think that he reads this?
does he even have tiME?? nooooooooooooooooooo


hey chad!! Do i think ur a real ass??
Yes i do?? I mean why would you cheat on sophia!!! And with the biggest slut PARIS!!
SOphia is really great person!!! It aint none of my business its your life.. But paris come on man, shes all used up!!! There aint no man who hasnt slept wit her yet.. And you just helped her acomplish that
Why that is my question???
Not why paris??
She is a sweet heart
I hope you know that i have no respect for men like you...
No mY real question is are you proud of hooking up wit her, no betta yet are u proud of yourself???
I hope you used protection cause that bitch Paris got all the diseases in the world. COme on have a little compasion for her... YOu make me sick by the way, Im glad its ova between you too she deserves betta.....
ONCE an ass always an ass
Once a CHAD alawys A CHAD!!!

Wat up blood, soz anyway i like ur new film 'house o wax' its a fat film!!!! u should do more of those films - init.
u ain't the best actor, but u still got game!

write back plz. blood



wat up blood. soz anyway i like ur new movie 'house of wax' its a fat film!!!!!!

u should do more of these films.
i know ur not even gonna read this email, but who gives a fuck!
anyway i beta get back to mine midwife job!!!!!!!
keep it real iiii

hey chad,
wats up??me bored as ummmm i love ya heaps n heaps.your the best actor in that world & your the sexy person in my world well i hope to talk to u soon love ya lots simone p.s write back plzzzzzzzz or add me bootylicious_baby@hotmail.com

chad i love u seriosly u are my favourite actor i swear to myslef i will meet you one day by the way you looked propper fit in cinderella story . im 12 years old but have a goal to meet you i hope one day i do !!!!!
love lizzie ogley.
2006 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
please reply. xxx <3

cher chad je voudrai savoir c quoi ton msn .et tu est si beau tu est mon fane . je regarde tous tes emision je ne peu pa me pacer de toi

hey chad,
i love you u r the best!!!!!!!!!
make more movies please
ur a cool acter
love codi

U guys r funny u dnt no he slept wid Paris. U dnt no the story so untill u do y dnt u but put i mean theres always 2 sides of the story. Oh and every1 sayin they love Chad i dnt think u no wot love is coz u aint even met the guy!!!!!

omg hey chad ,

lol this is so cool i hope u actually read these anyway i rekon u r an awesum actor and ur so sexc and i just watched house of wax with ma frnds yesterday and we got so freaked out omg i think u r the nicest guy plz rite bak if u read this
lov always Jemma p.s u rok

i didnt even say tat as if i would,
well any way i love chad
and if any one dis him i dis them bac!!!
i want posters i want chad!!!
email me at codi_tigger@hotmail.com
the tigger bit is my kitty kat!
if any one else wants to msn me please do im a 14 year old girl, and loves animals!!!

omg!chad is such a hottie.i wish i could meet him.he is the sexest man alive.

hey guess what my b-day is the same day as chad's
i feel so special!!!

Reading everyone emails makes me want to be a writter more. I feel that feelings should only go on paper and not for the world to see. even if someone makes you feel imperior doesnt me that the world is going to end. Im not going to judge anyone but always remember there are people in this world who dont care about other people and Im not one of those people.

Hey Chad let me tell ya your are my dream guy.i wish i can find someone like you. Its not because your hot its because my dream guy is everyhing and your it. i know i will never might not meet ya. but if i do its gonna be on like donkey kong for real. my # is 706-936-2428 i know i should not give my # but just to risk it for you i will. You dont know much you mean to a girl like me im your 1# one fan. and thats how its gonna be! i wish you read these notes cause you just dont know

hi chad ur sooooooooooooooooooooooo fit and a great actor!!!

Hi Chad

I love all of the movies you play in including House os Wax u werre so hotttt and sexyyyy please send me an email with an autograph your no 1 fan Hannah

hiya, just let ya no im ya biggest fan, ive watched nearly all ya films and i love one tree hill dats ma fave tv programme and ur such a great actor and ur fit, can ya send me an email back plz luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOUR SO FUCKIN SEXY!specially in house of wax!your so crusty and buttery..i like to lick the butter off.......^_^let me sing ya a song,"your my sunshine,my only sunshine,you make me happy when skys are gray,you never no dear how much i love you chad michael murray,please dont take my sunshine away!nd dont delete this no way!i want to fuck you so badly!u know you want me

Hi Chad,
I'm not going to start saying Oh I love you or anything cause I dont although your cute.
I think your a bit of a pansey.
Email me at quinn@work even though I know your not even going to read it never mind email me back.
see ya pansey.

P.S Chad is kind of a weird name I'd stick with Micheal.Oh and call me Rachel.Bye Dude!!!!!!!!!

hey Chad
have you ever wondered that you are a cradle snatcher i mean you leave sophia for a 19 year old girl i mean get a life you sick fuck

Hi chad,
Howz everything,well i guess u're fine.I have a very difficult project at hand i.e to ask international and local actors and actresses about the following
1-How they got into acting?
2-How they became what they are today i.e famous?
3-The challanges they encountered during each and every stage of their progress?
Lastly what their advice is to young fellows who are aspiring to became like them.
Thanks for giving me the time to bug you a little bit,i will be expecting your reply.
from nigeria

CHad MicHael MurRay you are so hot I love youuu soo much.

dear chad u r so sexy i would die 4 a nude pic of u!

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