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"Napolean" star John Heder Lines Up Another Comedy

Posted by Fara Kearnes on March 11, 2005 3:06 PM |

What's the new formula for a hit comedy movie? Add Dynamite. Looking forward to the return of the geek, "Napoleon Dynamite," who will be back on the screen soon playing yet another inept character, this time an athlete.

Jon Heder

John Heder, 26, has joined the cast of the Revolution comedy "Benchwarmers," which will be produced by Adam Sandler's company - but it's not a Sandler film. Heder will be in a all comedy cast along with Rob Schneider, David Spade, Craig Kilborn and Jon Lovitz also star.

Heder was great as Napolean - a moonboot wearing perfection of nerdness, who wasn't just clueless, he was cursed. He stuffs tater tots into his pocket to save for a snack - unwrapped, of course - so you know another kid is going to come along as smash them in his pocket when he refuses to share. Heder made the character a nerd that other nerds stay away from., The next project for Heder will center on three guys who, tired of their lack of athleticism, decide to form a three-man baseball team that will take on youth teams.

Heder also recently wrapped shooting small parts for the upcoming Mark Ruffalo-Reese Witherspoonromantic comedy "Just Like Heaven."

The next project for Heder will center on three guys who, tired of their lack of athleticism, decide to form a three-man baseball team that will take on youth teams.

Heder also recently wrapped shooting small parts for the upcoming Mark Ruffalo-Reese Witherspoonromantic comedy "Just Like Heaven."


did John really die?!

u are the funnist LDS guy i havce ever seen!! keep represemtin and CTR

Yea he did die in a car wreck the reason it hasnt hit the news is cause his parents didn't want a bunch of ppl they didn't know at his funeral

No, he didn't. It's just urban legend.


I love and loved Napoleon I will alwayz remember him he was my all time Idol!!!I was like his number one fan...all b cuz of the napoleon Dynamite movie...he rox and did rock and alwayz will rock!!! I have faith!!!
~4 ever faith

All I have to say is that I hate stupid people. Not only the ones who make up these lame ass stories about celebrities dying but the stupid asses who actually believe them! Like Fara said, it would have been in the news regardless of whether or not his parents wanted people at his funeral! You guys are so friggin stupid! Why the hell would they be talking about him being in another movie if he was dead! Gosh you guys are Effing idiots!

he didnt die he has movie reviews and stuff he did after they say he died....people say he died feb. 4th but he did a review the next day

he aint dead yew freakin idiots!! hes just in a freakin coma!!

i think that john heder is the hottest guy ever!!

Yes he did die, he was a couzin of mine and i'm not really supposed to be saying anything but I think everyone needs to stop talkin about it, aight.

no he did not die!stop talking about him!

God ppl stop he didnt die, what u want him to or some thing Shut the **** up!! ....Idiots!!

Everyone that believed he died is a friggin idiot Gosshhh! Hes alive and doing good ok!

John Heder is soooooooooo cute! to bad hes married:(

Hes not dead otherwise the websites would have said something
besides hes too cute to die!

Gawsh you stupid fat lard I'm not dead already. Stop your ruining my life!

he died from chapped lips..........lol
no one ever brought him his chapstick.
cause they hurt really bad

napoleon dynamite is the best movie ever. john heder isnt dead, bcuz then he wouldnt be workin on any other projcts!

alright...lets get this straight.John Heder A.K.A Napoleon Dynamite isnt dead..I know this for a fact because after he was so called dead he apeared on Jay Leno and Mad TV...so John Heder is alive and well...

I also agree John Heder A.K.A Napoleon Dynamite is alive and well..as a matter in fact i know hes alive knowing that he apeared on Jay Leno after he was suposably dead..he also apeared on Mad TV...HES NOT DEAD! UUUUGGHHHHH!!! YOU GUYS ARE RETARDED!!!!

Look, Heder's obviously not dead because he has been casted in multiple movies. Please stop quoting Napoleon Dynamite in your posts because none of you are Napoleon so therefore you're not funny.

now come on if john heder died then how can he make another movie stupid!?!?!?!!? and all of the annoying little peeps who think he is,... well your just plain STUPID! And i`m sure a dead man can`t appear on a Jay Leno show. and don`t worry Napoleon Dynamite will live forever!!!!!!!! friggen idiots... :)

You guys are freakin idots he's not dead GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kedro and uncle charko are #1 fans so go die if u think ur #1

who is john married too

im confused..half of u say hes dead, the other half say its just a rumor...truth, please?

Jon Heder is not dead he was even on punk'd ...good episode anyway he is doin an upcomin TV show Benchwarmers GET IT?? anyway I dont think he died but hey thats me.


Actually, Mr. John Heder did die in a car accident. The only thing is...it was in 1930 and it was a different John Heder. So all you freakin idiots who want to go back and forth on this, by all means, please continue for our edification and entertainment. Gosh....idiots. And while you're at it, bring me some friggin chapstick, because my lips hurt real bad.

Yeah Jon is awesome but watch the Medical Mission Sisters with Frances Havergal

we soo love napoleann hess so hot...all those gurls out there who think he is urs ..well think again because our daddy is his agent ...what noww biotchh n yeahh i see him all the time n hess even in my house right nowww hahahaaa byeee

well let me tell you something right now Napoleon is not dead. Everyone on here that has been arguing back and forth is an idiot because if you've read anything recently he's appearing in Benchwarmers so how could he possibly be dead? But back to my point. Napoleon Dynamite was awesome, best movie ever.

ok im really confused about the whole death or not thing...some websites say he is dead and others dont


Holy shit. You are all stupid. I can't believe I wasted my time reading this. Did anyone actually READ the false story of John Heder dying? It was a joke. Anyone who really thinks he died is stupid.
And what a bunch of stupid girls. "Hes too cute to die!!" NOOOO He's SOOO hot. No one cares. What a bunch of morons.
Seriously. I'm ashamed to be a girl because of all of you.
"Oh hes miiiiiiiine! He's in my house right nowwwww!!!" What a crock of shit. Get a life.

OMG!!did John Heder die, or not?i just saw him on Jay leno, and Punk'd so, i am ****** confused!

You people really need to get over yourselves. Honestly, you act like you want him to die. No, he's not dead. No, he's not hot. No, he's not yours. No, you're not #1. So get over it.

If Jon Heder was in someone's house, then Napoleon doesn't need chapstick.

I rest my case. ;[

John Heder is dead. It said on MTV news that he is dead so their you go

OMG! i am totally his #1 fan... u don't know how much i am obsessed with him- name it. ask me any question about the movie- i know it!! If he is dead, then i have no reasonto live. He is in the new movie benchwarmers DUH, and if he really was dead, they would totally say it in the news!!

Actually, John Heder (died in 1930, well before Napoleon Dynamite was ever even dreamed of) IS dead; however, Jon Heder (Napoleon) isn't. So, y'all are right in some way, shape or form...now get over it and move on. San Diego out.

Ya'll are all freakin idiots because he is alive. I seen him on that movie.

he was just on the mtv awards like 2 nights ago

so chill people

JON HEDER IS HOT. And chad, this movie WAS MADE IN 2005 or it wouldnt b on the 2005 MTV MOVIE AWARDS. DUH!

thing is he is alive, iv seen the mtv movie awards and he was there, so i have photographic evidence that he IS alive, but to add to that annonymous post, the movie was NOT made in 2005, though it got an award at the 2005 awards cause it was released in theatres just after the 2004 awards (being one person who actually saw it in theatres)...sooo yhea...W00t , hes alive.


For those that need a little bit of understanding about my statement, here it is. The report that stated John Heder had died was correct, but please understand that it was a completely different John Heder and even the first name was spelled differently in the report. Believe me that I know Jon Heder is alive, which is a no brainer, but for those that can't seem to fathom the idea behind this....Duh yourself ;) That was the entire confusion in regards to the death of John (not Jon) Heder. Get it yet?

I'm not sure if John is dead or alive but I know that hu ever said that they were his cuzin they need 2 get a life b cuz everyone knows that ur really not his real cuzin duh how stupid r u!!

Jon Heder did not die i saw him on the awards on july 1st on MTV so shut up he is alive, he was only in coma!

OK look, I dont think he is deid. I mean if he was it would be all over the news. I mean comeone,I dont think he is deid. if you with me on this then plz say 123. thanx

ya'll are all gay

he didnt Die hes in sum new show or movie.So their ya go.

hes not dead hes alive smart ones if any of u had brains u would know this but no intelligance is lacking gawrd

What the heck people???? if he is *dead* then how the hey is he doin the movies *benchwarmers* and *Monster HOuse* in 2006???? U GUYS ARE FREAKIN IDIOTS

P.S. i think its so awsome that jon is a mormon! to bad he is married or else i'd marry him! he is fine!

hes alive you jackasses he appeard on punkd on april 10th 2005 and stilkl working on films!!!!

to all of u that say that u r reltaed to him well ive got news 4 u URE NOT RELATED TO HIM OK!

does it really matter if he dead or not aslong as it is not u it doesnt matter so y dont everone for get it

talk about him being alive not dead u wouldnt like it if someone woz tlkin about u being dead would u now! ezactly
i rest ma case!?! bi to all the sensible peeps :)

I LOVE John Heder, he is so hot. Not in the conventional way but none the less HOT!!! I would just love to kiss those gorgeous lips and make out with him. Maybe he'll get a divorce and my dream will come true. I'd kiss him for an hour straight - hot and heavy!

if jon was dead, how could he be in the movie "Benchwarmers" recently coming out? By the way, i wonder what jon would look like shirtless.........hmmmm..........

In South Park We Trust

i agree y shud i tell u ma name, he is hot!!!!!!!!! ^__________^

i love cows and boys and pigs and jon heder and.........moot! ^----^

where can i find jon heder shirtless

In South Park We Trust ^______________^


Hey you idiots!! John Heder is not dead!!! If hes dead then how is there , "Just Like Heaven" and "Bench Warmers"!!!! you guys are so dumb to believe someone that you dont even know!!! Dont you think there would have been a memorial or something on TV!!! i mean come on! and all you people trying to be Napoleon Dynamite you need to stop cuz you look like an idiot!!!



ok everybody shut up about him being dead bucuz hes not! and 2 everyone who thinks hes dead needs 2 get there head out of the ****** clouds and come back 2 earth!!!

he is totally hot and to all of u peeps that say hes not r sooo retarded p.s. benchwarmers was so better than napolian dinamite

Dude Jon Heder is soooo not dead! and he's not in a coma either! GOSH YOU FLIPPIN' IDIOTS!

Your all freakin' retarded! Get over it! hes not dead,hes not hot(i'm talking to you Lori,CasidyDe,Scar,Jaja,carl_maria_bottome,etc),we're not all gay(that goes to you Briana),and Jads... Ok, Napoleon can live forever,i'll give you that, but John Heder can't. At least not on/in earth! And hallie and John Heder, he is not in a coma! That was from a website that meant that from the movie Just Like Heaven, Reese Withererspoon's character had her real body/self in a coma but her soul was not in it! O, and CassidyDe,I was also speaking to you!!:( Ok, i have a confession to make,I am John Heder! I'll prove it! I'm 26! I was born on 1977 in Fort Collins,Colorado,USA! My real name is Johnathon Heder,my height is (1.87 m)6'1 1/2. I'm a graduate of South Salem High School, Salem, Oregon.

I have a twin brother, Daniel, 3 other brothers and an oldest sister.
I am heavily into 70s clothes, music, etc.I

loves "Futurama" (1999) and Led Zeppelin.

When I was "Punk'd" (2003), my twin brother Dan and my close friend Darren E. were the accomplices. I

grew up in a family of six children

My father is an MD in practice in West Salem, Oregon whose office sports a large poster of Me in Napoleon Dynamite.I spent two years in Japan on the traditional proselytizing mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
US $ 1000 is my salary for being Napoleon Dynamite! I love Futurama and Led Zeppelin! There you happy now! Now, I want these comments changed say awesome things about me! Actually, when i said that i'm not hot, i didn't think that was going to confess! I'm sorry Lori,CassidyDe,Scar,Jaja,carl_maria_bottome! I really am! And u others that i didn't mention! Who ever thinks they're the #1 Me fan, than rock on! I bet u all that like me are hot and stuff too! Unless u said i'm hot or cool and am a boy! Well i hope u love watching my movies and my coming ups! Thanx so much my great fans! Love,Johnathon Heder! By the way, i beleive i can live forever! No matter where! Thanx so much jads

Im Mormon, Napoleon Dynamite was my birthday present from my mother in law because the actor of Nampleon is Mormon. Heh, I really do like the movie.

First, I'd like to say that the person who is pretending to be Jon Heder really is not him because first of all, you spelled his name wrong so why in the world would Jon Heder spell his own name wrong?
Anyone can know that much stuff about him cuz anyone can get on the fansites and learn that about him! Also, I am Jon Heder's number one fan EVER so all of you Jon-Heder-fan-fan wannabes can go somewhere and SUCK IT!!!!!

Happy thoughts.
Caramel Thoughts.

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