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"Napoleon" John Heder Says, Apparently He's Not Dead

Posted by Fara Kearnes on March 24, 2005 4:14 PM |

Move over Brad Pitt. Those "Vote For Pedro" t-shirts popping up aren't in your honor, and now Mormon actor John Heder, star of last year's surprise hit, Napoleon Dynamite, has been given the ultimate cult star status: an early rumored demise.

But John Heder is no James Dean legend -- he's still around and working. While fans have been spinning the tale by spreading rumors on the Internet since January that he had a car crash, or an accident sharpening his nunchuck skills, or choked to death on a tator tot, the truth is he is currently working on two other films, Just Like Heaven and Moving McAllister.

And just to put in his two-cents worth, in a news article that appeared this week on March 21st, Heder was asked about the rumor of his death. His reply, "Yeah, and apparently, it's not true."

Napolean has a huge online fan club and is spawning more followers. Kids have adopted his quirky behavior, and best lines such as "Sweet" or "Pedro offers you his protection" or "Go find your own tots."

Since the movie's video release last December, it has been attracting viewers in cult-like proportions. Blockbuster Online has it ranked among the all-time top-renting movies. And those greasy Tater tots? As one of Napoleon's beloved food items, have been selling like, uh, hot cakes, as a retro special in high school cafeterias that serve them.


thats terrible that he died

Napoleon is not dead

john heder's really hot

who is his wife


That is pathetic. Can anyone read? John Heder is not dead. That means like.. he didnt die... dumbasses

I hate him, he is going out with anngalina joeli!

I don't think John Heder is dead and I don't want to believe it. I love John Heder and the movie Napoleon Dynamite probably more than anyone.

damn.....who the hell started that gay ass rumor so we can tear them limb from limb.i was yaking a drug test for my "MIAMI DADE" school club, when my club leader was wearung a "Vote For Pedro" shirt on and i asked her if she liked the movie she said "yes i love that movie".my other club leader stated that john heder had died.so i went on the internet and found this site. DUMBASSES you made me look here for nothing

I am a 40 something year old woman with 2 boys age 15 and 18. I watched Napolean Dynamite, which is the very first time I ever saw Jon Heder act. I thought to myself, "There is something about that guy that is so cute. THEN I saw pictures of Jon in his regular look, and I stomped my feet and was blown away at how adorable he is!! What a babe!! Just consider me a fan forever, Jon. Congrats on your teen choice awards, and may you have many more awards to come. You have made an impression on me, even as Napolean Dynamite-I saw right through that curly hair and glasses and knew there was a fox underneath it all. Knock 'em dead sweetheart!! You've got it all. Good Luck with your new film. I will certainly buy tickets!! love Laura

John Heder in Napoleon Dynamite, his grandma goes to our church. The church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. he is the funniest person. his grandma said that he is going to come to visit and we can meet him!!!!

he is so cool

Well I have to say his looks hit home with me too. There is just something about him, like I already know him. Anyways good luck and God Bless.

you would think that the guy from napoleon is ugly but man is he fine......

Does anyone have John Heder's e-mail address. We live in Valencia,Ca and my son (for the 2nd year in a row) is doing his Science Fair Project based on Napoleon Dynamite. It's hillarious! Would love to get him a copy of the presentation. If anyone knows how to contact him, let me know.

Oh, thank God! I thought I was the only one in this world who thought Jon was hot! Thank God there are others! Jon Heder is my idol, and of course he didn't die! I had a dream just last night that me and Jon were best friends! Has anyone ever wished that that would happen to them?

omg i knew he didnt die...i didnt see it on the news and everybody is like i cant believe it he died i was like no and than the movie bench warmers came out adn i was like told you.

Hey, 'laura' you said you go to the same church as Jon HEder's grandma, do you think you could get his e-mail address/phone number or something? a bunch of us at church have a ttempted to leanr the choreo to his dance theme, but have only learnt up to the chorus.

y the heck did everybody think he died... lol... well anyway im glad he didnt becuz hez such a babe!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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